Image by Kyle Lincoln

Walk Bike Nashville is working to build a more walkable, bikeable, and livable Nashville. Walk Bike Nashville works with people to use their voices to advocate for active transportation, with elected officials to enact policy changes, and with the Metro Nashville government to guide best practices in implementation. Read more about our 2020 advocacy priorities on our blog.

Walk Bike Nashville's 2020 citywide priorities are:

Achieve Vision Zero for Nashville

Build the Core Bike Lane Network

  • Metro Nashville's 2017 WalknBike Plan outlined the routes for a network of bike lanes that would be separated and protected from traffic and take us in and through downtown Nashville from the North, South, East and West. We work to educate elected officials and the general public about the importance of this network.

Lower Speed Limits

  • Mayor Cooper announced his intent to lower the speed limit to 25 mph on residential streets in early 2020. We worked to make this change happen for years and are working with the Mayor's Office and Metro Public Works to support the implementation of this change. 

Create Space for New Voices with Families for Safe Streets

  • In February we started a chapter of Families for Safe Streets. This group is for people who have lost loved ones while walking or biking in Nashville and for those that have been injured in a crash as a pedestrian or bicycle rider. The group is designed to provide a community of support for victims and loved ones. 

Ensure Adequate Public Funding for Biking, Walking and Transit

  • Advocate for funding for expanded transportation staff capacity at city, and for capital sidewalk, bikeways and traffic calming projects

Past Initiatives