The numbers of people killed and severely injured while walking in Nashville is on the rise. In 2017 we set a new record with 23 people killed while walking. In 2018 we matched that previously unmet record. And in 2019, we've already had 31 people killed while walking. 

No one should be killed walking in our city. It is time for TDOT, the Mayor, Metro Council, and the metro departments to commit to eliminating traffic fatalities. 

We are asking our city leaders to commit to Vision Zero principles, establish a formal Pedestrian Safety program, and provide funding to systematically address dangerous streets across Nashville.

What is Vision Zero? "Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. First implemented in Sweden in the 1990s, Vision Zero has proved successful across Europe — and now it’s gaining momentum in major American cities." -- Learn more at the Vision Zero Network

It is unacceptable that people are daily forced to risk their lives simply to walk around our city.

We are asking our city leaders to:

  1. Formally and publicly commit to working to eliminate pedestrian, bicyclists and driver fatalities and severe injuries in Nashville.
  2. Establish a new Pedestrian Safety program within Metro Public Works in the operating budget. At least two metro staff should have addressing road safety concerns as their primary responsibility.
  3. The Pedestrian Safety program will prepare a report for Metro Council and the public each year on how many pedestrians have been killed in the past year, which of the top intersections have been made safe for those on foot, and which locations are the next to receive treatment. The first report should be presented by December 2019.
  4. Dedicate at least $1.5 Million annually in the capital spending plan to immediately address top pedestrian crash locations. Based on the 2014 Bicycle Pedestrian Safety Study, and Walk Bike Nashville’s 2018 update, the current top 14 locations are:
    • Lafayette St between Charles Davis Blvd and Claiborne St
    • Gallatin Pike between Old Hickory Blvd and Maple St
    • Charlotte Ave between 3rd Ave N and 5th Ave N
    • 21st Ave between 19th Ave South and Edgehill Ave
    • Murfreesboro Pike between Bell Road and Rural Hill Rd
    • Dickerson Pike between Trinity Ln and Gatewood Ave
    • Gallatin Pike between Due West Ave and Berkley Dr
    • Church St between 15th Ave N and 16th Ave N
    • Broadway between George E. Davis Blvd and 11th Ave
    • Clarksville Pike between Buena Vista Pike and Cliff Dr
    • Gallatin Pike between Harrington Ave and south of Maple St
    • Murfreesboro Pike between Thompson Ln and Bowwood Ct
    • Gallatin Pike between Eastland Ave and Chickamauga Ave
    • Gallatin Pike between Shepherd Hills Dr and Liberty Ln
  5. Complete a Vision Zero Action plan, and commit to an updated analysis of crash data every two years.

Elected Officials Who Support this Petition:

Note that elected officials are listed with their office at the time of their signature to the petition. Some elected officials listed have been elected to other offices since they signed on, others are no longer in office.  

  • Representative John Ray Clemmons
  • Council Member John Cooper -- At Large
  • Council Member Bob Mendes -- At Large
  • Former Council Member DeCosta Hastings -- District 2
  • Former Council Member Brenda Haywood -- District 3
  • Council Member Brett Withers -- District 6
  • Former Council Member Anthony Davis -- District 7
  • Council Member Nancy VanReece -- District 8
  • Council Member Jeff Syracuse -- District 15
  • Former Council Member Mike Freeman -- District 16
  • Council Member Ginny Welsch -- District 16
  • Council Member Colby Sledge -- District 17
  • Council Member Burkley Allen -- District 18
  • Council Member Freddie O'Connell -- District 19
  • Council Member Mary Carolyn Roberts -- District 20
  • Former Council Member Sheri Weiner -- District 22
  • Former Council Member Mina Johnson -- District 23
  • Council Member Kathleen Murphy -- District 24
  • Former Council Member Jeremy Elrod -- District 26
  • Former Council Member Fabian Bedne -- District 31
  • Council Member Angie Henderson -- District 34



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