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Tour de Nash 2020


The Tour de Nash 2020 has been rescheduled for

Saturday August 22, 2020


This year's Tour de Nash will look a bit different in order to ensure every rider's safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic - please read about details regarding the  event and public health guidelines below. 



The 16th annual Tour de Nash is Nashville's largest urban bike ride. Take on the City Tour (8mi), Local Tour (25 mi), or Grand Tour (45mi) to suit your riding style. Your paid registration includes a t shirt and route support. 

Start windows begin at 6am and route support and rest stops will end at 2pm. 


  • 8, 25, and 45 mile ride options suitable for bicyclists of all skill levels

  • Scenic routes highlighting Nashville's neighborhoods, bikeways and greenways.

  • Rest stops featuring refreshments, bathroom facilities, and basic bicycle maintenance equipment available every 10-15 miles.

  • Every paid rider receives a t shirt and ride number

What's Different for 2020? 

  • There will be NO mass start, or finish festival/post ride meal to lessen the chances of spreading the virus 

  • Each rider will start the ride at one location which you select upon registration, and will begin within their selected start time window also selected within registration. 

  • Riders are REQUIRED TO BRING A MASK to wear at start locations, rest stops, and in the SAG van

  • There will be no route security due to the dispersed nature of the riders on route

  • Rest stops will have only individually packaged snacks and water for riders

  • Volunteers at rest stops will be gloved and masked for everyone's protection
  • Bike tools and mechanical assistance will be available at rest stops

  • Day-Of Registration will NOT be available at the ride



Route Maps:


City Tour (9 mile)

The City Tour is the most approachable route, with minimal elevation gain. It will be comprised of about half greenway, half public road. The route is safe for kids who have ridden on public roads before, but training wheels are discouraged. 

Start Locations: Frankie Pierce Park, Watkins College

Local Tour (25 mile)

The Local Tour is the most popular route! See lots of great greenway sections, local business districts, and new bike infrastructure. Never ridden 25 miles, but feeling up to the challenge? Check out our Tour Trainers group rides aimed at getting you ready to Take on the Tour! 

Start Locations: Frankie Pierce Park, Watkins College, Elmington Park, Shelby Park

Grand Tour (45 mile)

The Grand Tour is for those who want all that Nashville can throw at them! Including much of the same route as the 25, this route adds some of the area's challenging road climbs and winding pavement for the more seasoned rider. 

Start Locations: Frankie Pierce Park, Watkins College, Elmington Park, Shelby Park

Tour Trainers Routes - Stay on the bike while remaining a safe distance from others. This suite of routes is intended to introduce you to Nashville's neighborhoods, bike infrastructure and greenways that are less-used. Now is a perfect time to explore the city's streets with fewer cars, but always remember safety practices for yourself and others at this trying time for our community. 

View the whole suite of routes on Ride With GPS here. 

6.8 miles - Tour Trainers EXTRA (Downtown Core)

7.6 mile City Tour Trainer (McCabe/Nations)

8.5 mile City Tour Trainer (North Nash/Germantown)

8.9 mile City Tour Trainer (Shelby Bottoms/Riverside)

12.3 mile Tour Trainer EXTRA (Bell's Bend Out-and-back)

13.3 mile Local Tour Trainer (Berry Hill/Wedgewood Houston)

15.3 mile Tour Trainer EXTRA (Eastside Special)

23.2 mile Local Tour Trainer (12S/Nations)

27.3 mile Local Tour Trainer (Radnor Lake/Percy Warner Park)

29.5 mile Local Tour Trainer (Natchez Trace Pkwy)

40.7 mile Grand Tour Trainer (Cedar Hill/White's Creek/Beaman)

53.0 mile Grand Tour Trainer (Nissan Stadium/Beaman Park/Bell's Bend)


  • 15%-Free for Walk Bike Nashville members! Check your email for a discount code
  • 10% for Current Students
  • 10% for Military
  • email jake@walkbikenashville.org for more details


Register to volunteer at this link - all volunteers ride for free!

* When you register to volunteer, you will be contacted with a link to register for the ride. 

Packet Pickup:

Note: This year you will not be able to pick up your packet on the day of the Tour de Nash. Please make arrangements to have your packet picked up during one of the dates below. 

When? Wednesday, August 19th, 10am-2pm 

            Thursday, August 20th, 10am-6pm

            Friday, August 21st, 10am-2pm 

Where? The Walk Bike Nashville Office

             1 S 7th St, Nashville, TN 37206

Additional Details: Please wear a mask upon arriving. When you arrive, enter the alley behind The Turnip Truck from S 7th Street. A Walk Bike Nashville staff or volunteer will approach you and give you your packet materials. If you are in a car, please stay in your car -- pickup will be a drive through so you won’t need to park.

Bring: The name(s) of each packet you will be picking up, and the T-Shirt size for all riders. 


Event Parking Locations

Frankie Pierce Park: FREE Parking in the 500 building, PLEASE DO NOT park in the Publix Parking lot. 

TSU: Lots within campus accessible via Schrader Ln. 

Elmington Park: Both lots along Bowling Ave. and West End Ave. are open to parking. 

Shelby Park: Any parking within the park is permitted in designated lots unless otherwise noted; however, please do not park in the parking lot directly in front of the Nature Center

Watkins College: In the main parking lot along Rosa Parks Blvd. 

ADA Accommodations

For special ADA accommodations requests and concerns, please contact jake@walkbikenashville.org or call the office at 615-928-8801. 



Where does the ride start and end? 

To maximize safety, each route will have multiple start locations. You selected a start location when you purchased your new ticket. You will begin and end the ride from that location. All start locations will double as rest stops.

When does the ride start? 

There are 30 minute start windows from 6:00am - 10:00am, you selected one of these start windows with your new ticket selection. Because of the Mayor’s orders, we will be trying to limit the number of people starting in one group. You will arrive to the starting location on your ticket and begin the ride any time in the start window for which you registered.

Does my old ticket transfer? 

Yes. If you were registered for the original Tour scheduled in May, your ticket transfers to the new event. *NOTE* you should have received an email instructing you on how to either transfer your ticket (which does not refund you the difference in cost) or refund your order and place a new order for the updated event for the reduced cost. If you choose to transfer your ticket, the extra $5 will be kept as a donation to Walk Bike Nashville (a non-profit organization).

I can’t make the new date, how can I get a refund? 

You can request a refund via your Eventbrite order confirmation email, or you can email info@walkbikenashville.org and request a refund, as long as you provide your full name and the names of all registered riders under your order (if more than yourself). 

Why is the ticket price different from before? 

There will be no mass start, no finish festival, and no post-ride meal. However, you will receive your ride number, t shirt, and there will still be rest stops along the way to service yourself and your bike. 

Will there be route security? 

There will be no security officers at intersections this year due to the spread out nature of the ride. You must follow all rules of the road and behave as a vehicle in accordance with the law. 

Do I need to wear a mask? 

Masks are required at start locations and all rest stops.

Will there be food? 

Single -serving snacks will be provided at rest stops, but there will be no post-ride meal this year. 

Will there be water? 

Water refills will be provided at all rest stops, but come with at least two bottles for yourself.

Will there be restrooms at the rest stops? 

Portable restrooms will be available at MOST rest stops. 

How do I navigate the route? 

Markings for the route will be on the ground, but you can also print out a cue sheet if you wish or download the gps file from our website. 

Thank You to our Sponsors!