Safer Streets

Over the last decade the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries has grown rapidly--far outpacing the growth of the city.  The ability to safely move around the city is a quality of life issue. The most dangerous conditions for pedestrians in our city are in lower-income areas and neighborhoods.  

One person killed while walking is too many. When cities build infrastructure like sidewalks, protected bike lanes and crosswalks, human lives are prioritized over commute times, and neighborhoods become safer and more livable.

The Problem: 7 Roads Account for More than Half of all Pedestrian Deaths

More than 80% of all pedestrian fatalities occurred on wide, state-controlled arterial roads. These arterial roads have speed limits over 30 mph, multiple lanes, few safe crosswalks and high numbers of transit riders. 

Learn more about the people we lost in 2020 here.

The same busy, wide, roads account for the majority of crashes that kill pedestrians. 

Prioritizing Murfreesboro Road and Dickerson Road

On the Murfreesboro and Lafayette Corridor, Brenda Perez, our Bilingual Community Engagement Manager is leading an effort to address pedestrian safety issues. To get connected to this project, email Brenda or text at 615-510-7386.

On Dickerson Road, Lindsey Ganson, our Advocacy & Communications Director, is leading an effort to identify priorities for street design improvements. To get connected to this project, email Lindsey

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Transportation Equity

The most deadly streets are not distributed evenly across Nashville. Equity must be placed at the center of all conversations about infrastructure investments in Nashville and in the city’s Vision Zero Plan. Investments like sidewalks and crosswalks should be prioritized to address safety in neighborhoods that historically have been under-resourced and in neighborhoods that have a higher number of serious and fatal crashes.

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