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Working to build a more walkable, bikeable, and livable Nashville.

About Us

Since 1998, Walk Bike Nashville has sought to make active transportation an option for Nashvillians, no matter where they live or where they're trying to go.  We want our sidewalks and bikeways to support active living, additional commuting options, and recreational opportunities.  We use a mix of educational programs focused on safety and skills and membership outreach focused on advocacy to pursue our goals.







  • Latest from the blog

    How to get your bike ready to ride

    We're all working hard to maintain social distance during this time, and a great way to cope and relieve stress is riding your bike. Is your bike ready to go? Or has it been sitting in a garage since last season and it needs a little love before pedaling again? We can help! We've got some great resources and recommendations to make sure that you're safely biking again soon.   
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    What to do with your kids

    Looking at a future working from home, or unemployed, and looking after children while having nowhere to send them? Pretty grim, huh? Exercise is part of the solution! You are going to need a routine that includes getting out of the home, otherwise everyone might go crazy! Here are my kids in normal times, going to school: I am fortunate that we normally have the ability to get some exercise in the mornings while safely cycling to school. Things are different at the moment, so we we need to work slightly harder to create the opportunity to walk and cycle.
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