Walk Bike Nashville's Education classes seek to grow the number of Nashvillians biking and walking through education, raising awareness, and cultivating bicycle and pedestrian leaders.

Workshops and Classes

Walk Bike Nashville staff and team of instructors host workshops on bicycle skills, bicycle maintenance, and various other bicycle issues. All of our instructors are League of American Bicyclist certified and have gone through an intensive 3 day course on safety, bike maintenance and general cycling.

Classes are held on 3rd Sundays from April to October.  All of our classes are free, open to the public and you do not need a bicycle to participate. Below are the class descriptions. Check our calendar for upcoming classes!


Adult Learn to Ride is a community course for adults who are ready to learn to ride a bicycle. Whether you are 18 or 70, our certified instructors will help you get from zero to riding in no time. This course is organized by Walk Bike Nashville. This course is for folks who have never pedaled a bicycle before! This class is typically held in an empty school parking lot and is not taught on the street. Expect 3 hours of class and practice.

This class covers the following topics:

- Getting onto the bike- Basic balance- Braking and stopping- Pedaling- Turning- helmet Fitting- Practice

You should sign up for this class if:

  • You never learned how to ride a bike, 
  • You have not ridden a bike in 10+ years or  
  • Want more instruction before riding on your own. 

Easy Bike Ride This is class a mixture of instruction and riding.   You will ride at a very slow comfortable pace for about 3 miles. Typically, this class will meet for instruction 30 min, ride for 3 miles, return for another round of instruction and an optional 2nd ride of 3 miles. The bike route has minimal hills but of course it is Nashville. Expect 3 hours of class and riding. 

This class covers the following topics:

-How to signal - How to cross small neighborhood RESIDENTIAL streets - How to shift gears- How to brake safely.

You should sign up for this class if:

  • You are an avid greenway rider but have not ridden on the street, 
  • Only use one brake on your bicycle or 
  • Have trouble understanding these tricky gears. 

City Cycling This class is our most advanced class. It is a mixture of instruction and riding. You will ride at a faster pace navigating some larger intersections such as stop lights and left turns into traffic. The route will be about 5 miles long with an optional extension. The bike route is mixture of what you see in Nashville, some protected bike lanes, riding along auto traffic and hills. 

This class covers the following topics:

- How to cross larger intersections - How to make left turns at stop lights - How to navigate traffic- When to take a lane-

You should sign up for this class if:

  • You constantly ride on smaller residential streets, 
  • Have ridden at least 10 miles on your bike in one trip, 
  • Want to ride your bike more often or on longer rides or
  • Want to ride in the 2022 Tour De Nash.

The best way to be a participant in active transport is to get out there, in our bike lanes, roads, and sidewalks.  In addition to traditional workshops, we host a variety of rides, walks, and advocacy-related events throughout the year.

Bicycling Basics Videos

Thanks to our volunteer instructors and Solar Cabin Productions, we've created some videos to help you safely bike around the city. Check them out below! 

How to fit your helmet
Get your bike ready to ride using the ABC Quick Check 
Tips and Tricks for Bicycling City Streets