Who We Are

Walk Bike  Instructors are cycling and pedestrian leaders in our community who volunteer their time to help further the mission of Walk Bike University: growing the Nashville bicycle and pedestrian community by providing education, raising awareness, and cultivating bicycle and pedestrian leaders. Instructors teach a variety of free classes offered to the public.

How To Become An Instructor

Walk Bike Nashville is looking for Nashvillians with strong communication skills and a passion for cycling and walking.  Walk Bike Nashville is committed to supporting our instructors and offers professional development, scholarships to state and national conventions, and other perks.  In return, all Instructors must commit to volunteering to teach at least 3 courses each year.

Cycling Instructors will then participate in an online bike-education course, a road test, and then a League of American Bicyclists Instructor Certification course.  If you are interested in becoming an instructor please contact us.