We broke out each Metro Council District to look at how it has fared over the last 4.5 years in terms of pedestrian safety. For each district we created a map of all pedestrians hit or killed 2014 - June 2018 (based on data from Nashville Open Data). We also listed what, if any, locations in the district were included in the 2014 Pedestrian Safety Study, and how many crashes those hotspots have seen since first being identified by the city.

We are asking all of Metro Council to support our Impossible Crossings Petition. You can sign on and see if your council person has endorsed it here.

Some interesting findings of our council breakouts:

  • District 19 is leading the way both in number of overall crashes (387), and in the number of fatalities (10)
  • District 5 has the second highest number of fatalities (8), and 101 crashes
  • District 34 has the highest fatality rate (fatalities / total crashes), followed by district 33
  • The more suburban districts seem to have higher fatality rates -- indicating that crashes in more suburban areas are more likely to be fatal, though less likely to happen
  • District 18, despite having a major university and very high pedestrian counts has seen 0 fatalities and only 65 crashes

Check out the map for your district below. And be sure to ask your council person to sign onto the campaign!

Big thanks to volunteers Patrick Garner and Erin Asher for helping crunch all the data and generate the maps!

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