Support our Core Bike Lanes!

Now is the time to build out the essential connections in our safe bicycle network! We support the city's demonstration project to test out protected bikelanes on 3rd Ave and Commerce. (Project details here.)

We thank the Mayor and Councilman O'Connell for their commitment to safe bicycling infrastructure and this project. 

We Support the Core Bike Lanes Because:

  1. These lanes will give bicycle riders (and scooter riders) a safe place to ride through downtown Nashville
  2. These lanes will encourage people to move around downtown without driving
  3. These lanes will give scooter riders a place to ride, off of the sidewalks
  4. These lanes are the next step in all of the established downtown mobility plans and are critical links in the Priority Bikeway Network, recommended by the city's strategic plan for walking and biking: WalkNBike
  5. There's no reason not to try out these bike lanes. They are already funded, they will result in minimal impact to car travel lanes, and they will start as a demonstration project, which will allow for adjustment in the future.Downtown Bikeways Plan

Thanks to Lyft, Lime and Spin for supporting this campaign!


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