Dear Councilman Davis, Mayor Briley, Metro Public Works, and Metro Planning,

We realize that the city will be repaving Cleveland Street, from Dickerson to Ellington Parkway this summer. This is currently a four-lane road, with no bicycle infrastructure, few crosswalks, and high-speeds. It currently operates far under capacity based on the number of cars that actually use it. 

Cleveland Street is a high-priority bicycle connection in the our city's Bicycle Master Plan,  WalkNBike. It is the only street over Ellington parkway for at least a half mile in either direction. It is a critical connection for those bicycling in East Nashville, yet currently it is a high-stress, unsafe road for those on bicycles and difficult to cross for those on foot.  This street should be much safer for all road users, including those walking and bicycling.

We therefore support the inclusion of protected bicycle lanes, additional crosswalks, and general traffic calming on this street from McFerrin to Dickerson.

Please support safe streets, follow WalknBike, and live up to our city's commitment to all modes of transportation by making Cleveland Street safe and welcoming for all.


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