Transit for Nashville

Walk Bike Nashville is a charter member of Transit for Nashville, a coalition of 50+ organizations and businesses supporting dedicated funding for transit in Nashville because a vibrant public transit system is essential to a more walkable, bikeable and livable city. 

Nolensville Pike Where the Sidewalk Ends Transit

Walking and bicycling connections are essential for a successful transit system. If people can’t get to the transit lines easily and safely without driving, then ridership and options will continue to be minimal. Dedicated transit funding has the opportunity to build for these network connections, and we are working hard to advocate for that.

Additionally, individual car ownership should not be a prerequisite to getting to good jobs, to affordable housing and to the grocery store. Over 50,000 people in this city do not own cars, many of them without a choice, and we believe that all Nashvillians should be offered access to the opportunities our booming city has to offer.

We are proud of the work we have done with groups like the Transit Center to make transit accessibility improvements to our streets, such as our project on Nolensville Pike, and public advocacy for the need for transit (see Nora Kern’s letter to the editor here), but Nashville must have robust transit funding make significant enhancements to the city’s system.

Because Nashville cannot wait to invest in efficient, effective transit, Walk Bike Nashville has joined Transit for Nashville, and we ask you, our supporters, to follow the link and sign the petition asking for transit:

“I’m for transit, and I’m willing to help pay for it. We can’t afford to wait.”