Whether you need a new bike rack at your campus or the one you have is not anchored or in need of repair, use the steps below to get safe and secure bike parking!

Requests must be submitted by an MNPS employee who has admin access to the schools’ “School Dude” web site, usually the Principal, Bookkeeper, or maybe an Assistant Principal. 

 A request for building alteration should be submitted through School Dude by selecting the craft “Construction”.  Once your request explaining your need and how the alteration will improve your student’s educational experience is received through School Dude, the request will be submitted to your Executive Lead Principal for review. Upon approval by your Executive Lead Principal, the request will be submitted to the Department of Facility Planning and Construction for review and feasibility investigation.

  • If the PTO has raised the funds or if the school is paying for it out of their budget, the process will move more quickly because maintenance will have a project manager come to the school to help select a spot to place the bike rack, then they will install it.
  • If the school is requesting a bike rack to be purchased with the district’s capital improvement budget, fill the request out the same way. There is no guarantee that there is money in the budget allocated to bike racks at the time of the request.