Support active transportation by hiring Walk Bike Nashville to park bikes at your next event!

Advantages of Bike Valet

  • Protect our environment by promoting green transportation options.
  • Increase you event's capacity while reducing parking needs.
  • Create a clean and organized event appearance.
  • Encourage more people to attend your event.

How it Works

  • Walk/Bike Nashville staff and volunteers set up the Bike Valet corral and check in/out table at your event.
  • People who ride to the event drop off their bikes (for free), receiving a valet tag for their bike.
  • We hold on to the bicycles until they are ready to leave.
  • We use a secure and efficient tag system to track all the bicycles (it is like coat check for bikes!)

Is Bike Valet Right for My Event?

Bike Valet is a great resource for medium to large events in urban areas. If you are expecting a lot of people to walk or bike to the event, if your event is downtown, or if parking is limited, bike valet is a great option! 

What's Required

  • Dedicated Bike Valet space in a visible location near your event's entrance.
  • A 10' x 10' space for check in plus 5' x 10' for each rack (10 racks are typically recommended used for small-medium events).
  • Market the availability of the Bike Valet to your event attendees.
  • Our Bike Valet rate is generally $75 per hour, with a four hour event minimum.


See our Bike Valet information flyer here. And please contact us for pricing information and to book bike valet at your next event!