This week we're having our annual campaign. We need your help to ensure our we can continue to advocate for a more walkable, bikable and livable Nashville.

Each year we work with schools across Nashville to host Walk to School Day. This is a day to celebrate getting around on our own two feet and to highlight how much work we still have to do to ensure all of our students have the infrastructure needed to walk safely on their own. We need your help to help us grow this program.



Julia_Green_WTSD_from_Angie.PNGWalk to School Day is one of Walk Bike Nashville's oldest programs. We have organized this city-wide event for 17 years and now have one of the largest Walk to School Days in the country! In 2016 we had 63 elementary and middle schools participate, with over 12,000 students walking and over 5,300 parents and community members joining in. 

Each year there is a highlight school, where the walk is lead by the Mayor and Metro Council members. This past year the highlight school was Amqui Elementary, but schools across the city each have their own unique events. Some have multiple meet-up points, some have the the whole school meet up at a nearby park, many have morning celebrations and most encourage parents to join in and walk with their kids.

All events, however, are supported by Walk Bike Nashville and get kids out walking and having fun.

IMG_3212.JPGWhy do we do this? Apart from promoting health and getting people to explore new parts of their neighborhood on foot, over 75% of participants feel that Walk to School day encourages walking to school for the rest of the year.

Sometimes people need just a little encouragement to add walking into their daily drop-off routine.