Winter is almost here! Check out some cold weather riding tips and bike crews who will be out pedaling this winter.

In December, the average high temperature in Nashville is 52 which is great for putting some miles in on your bike. Believe it or not, it's a great time to ride your bike. Riding in cool weather is one of the best times to ride. How so you say? First, you don't immediately start sweating, like you do in August; second, the brisk air feels great on your warm body and lastly, paths are usually a little less crowded. Keep a look out for those sunny, southern winter days and take your bike out for a spin. 

Our adult education team of instructors met in December to plan out our adult education season for 2022, big news we are scheduling an Adult Edu Class- every third Sunday of the month starting in February. Check out our free adult education bike classes for info on classes such as adult learn to ride, easy beginner ride, and city cycling.

Here are 8 winter bike riding tips from Walk Bike Nashville Adult Education Instructors:  

  1. A (they/them): Make sure your lights are charged because in the winter it gets darker.

  2. KJ (she/her): put your cellphone inside your inner pocket so your battery doesn't die as quickly. 

  3. Julie (she/her): Get wind blocker gear!

  4. Ed (he/him): Ride when it's 45 degrees and up and only when its sunny!

  5. Ryan (he/him):  Wear shoe covers when riding below 50 degrees to keep your feet warm.

  6. Brenda  (she/her): Wear gloves, cover those digits. 

  7. Tina (she/her): Bundle up! Wear layers that are easy to shed.

  8. AJ (he/him): Stay indoors don't ride in the cold, and use a bike trainer during winter!

The final reminder as it starts getting dark sooner is to "Stay Lit". Ride out with front light, rear light and reflective gear. 

Looking for someone to ride with during these beautiful southern winter days:

Music City Dope Pedalers- Weekly Rides in North Nashville

Next Thirsday- Third Thursday of every month, evening super casual ride. 

Domestiques Cycling- first ride is scheduled for March 2022.

Black Girls Do Bike Nashville- follow them on IG for ride info. 

And of course, there is always our publicly funded greenway system. Remember that our greenway system is for all users, including ebikes/pedal assist bikes. 

Safe riding and tag us on social media.  

Brenda Perez,

Community Engagement Manager at Walk Bike Nashville.

PS: This is me during 2021's (average) Coldest Day Bike Ride. I rode from Donelson Pike Greenway to the the bridge of connecting McGavock and Shelby Park. Great times were had and no speed records were set, and as you can see it was a warm and sunny winter day.