Looking at a future working from home, or unemployed, and looking after children while having nowhere to send them? Pretty grim, huh?

Exercise is part of the solution!

You are going to need a routine that includes getting out of the home, otherwise everyone might go crazy!

Here are my kids in normal times, going to school: I am fortunate that we normally have the ability to get some exercise in the mornings while safely cycling to school.


Things are different at the moment, so we we need to work slightly harder to create the opportunity to walk and cycle.

We all know group activities and schools are not reopening any time soon. Talk with your family, and agree Something Needs To Be Done. 

Whatever those things are, I guarantee that structure, via routine, is going to improve things. Even if you don't create the ideal timetable today, just having a timetable, even if it has to be altered several times, is preferable to having no structure.

We at Walk Bike Nashville know that walking and biking improve everything - and the Mayor agrees with us, telling us in his Executive Order to go for a walk or bike ride to keep healthy and reduce stress - so do include walking or cycling in your new timetable, preferably every day.

  1. You and your children will benefit from a routine - particularly one that includes physical exercise
  2. Put a neighborhood walk or bike ride into your new schedule, at least daily.

Don’t make this a competition, or hard - this is about taking a break, seeing the outdoors, and moving your body.

Choose quiet, pleasant, streets and wave at the neighbors.

Although playgrounds, dog parks, picnic shelters, skate parks and their associated bathrooms are now closed, the good news is that Metro Parks open space, golf courses, trails and greenways are still open. 

Remember this is allowed, free, good for you, and good for your community.

Family walking along Buchanan St

Robert Johnson, Safe Routes to School Manager, Walk Bike Nashville