We're launching a campaign for a Vibrant, Safe 8th-- a street that functions as a community, not a cut-through. We want a 8th Ave South to be safe and inviting; economically and culturally vibrant; and provide efficient transportation options for all who use it.

Help us make this vision become a reality by writing a letter in support of a vibrant and safe 8th Ave. We've included a template email below, but strongly encourage you to use your own personal stories. If your curious about the study being conducted by the city and why the proposed 3-lane configuration would help us move towards a better 8th Ave check out our old blog post here.

You can also join the movement by signing our petition. 

Template Email

Dear Mayor Barry, Metro Council and Metro Departments,

I am writing to share my strong support for a Vibrant, Safe 8th Ave. It is essential that 8th Ave be safe for pedestrians and drivers, economically vibrant, and provide transportation options. Re-configuring the street from 4 car lanes to 3, including a turn-lane is an important step to achieving this goal.

It is important to me that 8th Ave South be a community, not a cut-through because....

I frequently use this street to....

Thank you for your support for complete streets and transportation options.



Send To:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] or Your Council Member (find here)

Also Send to:

Mayor of Beth Sartain of Berry Hill: [email protected]

Berry Hill City Manager, Joe Baker: [email protected]

Mayor Heidi Campbell of Oak Hill: [email protected]