Scooter Data Summary

While much is being said about scooters, little is known about who is actually scooting. In June 2019, Walk Bike Nashville contacted all of the scooter companies and asked for data about how their scooters are being used. Six of the seven companies provided data (Bird, Jump, Gotcha, Lime, Lyft, and Spin). We analyzed the data and then formulated our policy recommendations in this a new report. 

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Our analysis found that over 1.8 million scooter trips have occurred in Nashville since May 2018, an average of over 10,000 trips per day. Scooter riders have traveled close to two million miles. These data show that scooters are providing a popular transportation option.

Some Nashvillians are relying on scooters for transportation. Over 60,000 scooter users have taken more than five trips on scooters over the past year.

Walk Bike Nashville believes that scooters could be a hugely beneficial mode of transportation for Nashville. The responsibility for making this new form of transportation safe is shared between the scooter providers and Metro Nashville government.

Walk Bike Nashville’s report also includes detailed recommendations based on the following general guidance.

Metro Nashville government should be working to:

  • Provide safe places for scooter riders. i.e: bike lanes.
    • Currently there are nearly no bike/scooter lanes in downtown, forcing scooter riders to choose between the sidewalk and riding with cars (where they don’t feel safe).
  • Provide dramatically expanded scooter and bicycle parking in our urban areas, including on street parking corrals or zones.
  • Ensure fees charged to scooter companies cover costs required to manage, oversee and enforce the program.

The scooter companies should be working to:

  • Ensure their vehicles are safe.
  • Ensure they are educating their riders about where and how to ride and park.
  • Ensure they are marketing their low-income options, and providing access across the city.

Read the full report here.