Mayor Cooper's Transportation Plan is nearly complete. 
Earlier this month, Walk Bike Nashville contacted all Metro Council Members to share our concerns about Mayor Cooper's Transportation Plan. Read the letter we sent to all Metro Council members on Dec. 1, 2020 here.  In short, we have concerns about the feasibility of the plan and the lack of a clear timeline for implementation. We've identified three key issues we would like the Mayor and our Metro Council members to keep in mind as the Council discusses the plan over the next few weeks.
  1. Equity and Meaningful Community Engagement. Equity should be embedded in the prioritization and selection of projects in a way that is transparent to everyone. As the plan is written now, we have concerns about how and if equity will be central to the selection and implementation of projects. In its current iteration, the plan is so broad most community members cannot give meaningful feedback that is specific to their experiences. 
  2. Departmental Staffing Levels. Staffing levels at departments responsible for transportation, especially at Metro Public Works and Metro Planning, are at all time low.
  3. Goals with Measurable Outcomes, Timelines and Funding. 
    While we applaud the broad goals included in the plan; the plan lacks specific measurable outcomes that will help us understand progress toward those goals. Without a funding plan with identified dedicated revenue sources, we have real doubts about how elements of this plan will ever move forward.

Have you read the plan? What do you think? Share your thoughts with your Council Member via email or on social media and tag Walk Bike Nashville, the Mayor and your Council Member in your post. Or send us a message if you want to discuss it: [email protected]