Lyfts and carpools and busses, oh my! This week was my most multimodal yet.

Day 8 (7/25): Rode the MTA bus for the first time today! Put my bike on the bus for the first time today! Had a last minute meeting and rode the bus again today! I was intimidated by the bike racks on the front, but they're easy to use and the bus/bike combo made me presentable when I got to my meeting.


Bike: 11 miles
Walk: 0 miles
Bus: 11.5 miles
Car: 0 miles

Day 9 (7/26): Today I had a meeting across town and didn't want to show up looking a mess. I worked from home this morning (yay for flexibility) and took a Lyft over to my meeting at Meharry Medical College.

Turns out my driver was my boyfriend's good friend from middle school. Also turns out I left my keys in his Lyft. Tucker and David, the two long-lost friends, got in touch on Facebook and figured out a way to get my keys back to me as my meeting ended. It's a small world in Nashville!

Took the bus home for the first time. It picks up .2 miles from work and drops me off .2 miles from home. How awesome is that? I used the real time tracker to determine when to leave work and got there right as the bus was pulling up!

Bike: 0 miles
Walk: .5 miles
Bus: 3 miles
Car: 16.5 miles (all Lyft)

Day 10 (7/27): Rode my bike to work today. Biked to a friend's house after and she drove us to our kickball game on Thompson Ln. I was going to take the bus, but the last mile from Nolensville/Thompson Ln. stop to the field is a wide, fast road with few sidewalks and bike lanes that end in the most dangerous part. Thankful for friends that live near me and give me rides. And yes, we won kickball game.

Bike: 4.4 miles
Walk: 0 miles
Bus: 0 miles
Car: 14 miles

Day 11 (7/28): Walked to work today and was running from the rain! I was greeted by an ominous sky. I would have outrun the rain if my route didn't go right past Yeast Nashville. I packed a poncho and wore water proof shoes. Getting a little wet was worth it for the tacos and kolaches! Yummmm.

Step 1- get outside, see the clouds...
Step 2- try and out run the scary clouds...
Step 3- get distracted by baked goods and tacos...
Step 4- get caught in rain, but make it to work with treats!

Got a ride with Nora to the Women's Summer Bike Commuting Clothing: Show and Tell. It was great talking to other women about their riding their tips! 

Bike: 0 miles
Walk: 1 mile
Bus: 0 miles
Car: 23 miles

Day 12 (7/29): Took a sick day, didn't travel.

Day 13 & 14 (7/30-7/31): Drove home to Ohio for my Dad's birthday. I'm going to only count middle Tennessee mileage in my total counts. My boyfriend drove his car, so no car rental this trip.

Week 2 Summary:

Week 2 costs: 20 ride bus pass- $32.00 (I've used 4 rides = $6.40) and 2 Lyft rides that came to $22.00.

Total transportation costs= $28.40

Bike: 15.5 miles
Walk: 1.5 mile
Bus: 15 miles
Car: 68 miles

Total Summary for first 2 weeks:

Costs: $28.40

Bike: 53.5 miles
Walk: 2.5 mile
Bus: 15 miles
Car: 146 miles