As conversations about the future of 8th Ave South continue, we wanted to share the story of one new development and their plan to offer a fleet of bicycles for their new residents. With over 1,000 apartment and condo units opening up in the Broadstone and other developments along the 8th Ave, the character of this neighborhood is changing. We hope that the street will change along with it. 

New 8 South Apartment Development Offers Bike Fleet

Written by the Broadstone 8South

Andrew Steffens of Alliance Residential Company, the firm behind Broadstone 8South, says the initiative is about addressing traffic concerns and meeting consumer demand.   “Our residents are choosing this neighborhood for the culture, and we want to help them experience it fully,” Steffens said. “As Nashville grows and traffic worsens, we also see it as our opportunity and responsibility to encourage sustainable transportation.” 

The custom tangerine-colored bikes will feature a storage box for hauling groceries and other goods. “This is also about fun. Beyond the physical and mood-boosting benefits of cruising the neighborhood on a custom bike, we hope this will bring people together in our community,” Steffens said. 


At Walk Bike Nashville, we believe businesses play a key role in growing active transportation in Nashville.  We are thrilled to see Broadstone 8South’s commitment to encouraging biking – both as a fun and efficient way to get around and one of the keys to a more livable Nashville.

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