Encouraging your employers, employees and co-workers to ride to work provides many benefits to the individual and the organization. Check out some of our great short, mid and long-term ideas to encourage biking in your work place!


Short Term 

  • Identify point people within your company’s human resources department to promote active transportation.
  • Administer a survey to your employees to determine existing travel behaviors and to identify barriers to increased active transportation.
  • Set a goal for increased active transportation.
  • Provide bus schedules, bike maps (Walk Bike Nashville provides free maps), and information about existing health promotion activities to all new employees. Review this information during both new hire orientation and annual employee trainings.
  • Create an intranet page and a centrally located bulletin board with maps and other information about transportation options.
  • Host an active transportation lunch and learn or cycling skills classes.
  • Organize an active transportation users group.
  • Participate in encouragement events like Bike to Work Day, the National Bike Challenge, and Walk Nashville Month.
  • Provide a mechanism for employees to log their active transportation trips and be entered into periodic raffles or drawings. 

Mid Term 

  • Promote a dress code that encourages comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Share the cost of automobile parking with employees who choose to drive.
  • Install high quality bicycle parking at all workplaces. Dero has many great products, contact Micah Morrison for information.
  • Perform a walking audit to determine if pedestrian improvements are needed at or near your workplace.
  • Apply to become a League of American Bicyclists certified Bicycle Friendly Business.
  • Offer the bicycle, transit, and vanpool commuter tax benefits.
  • Create a multimodal Organizational Travel Plan.
  • Sponsor community walking and bicycling events and provide free event registrations to employees.
  • Join the Nashville MTA Easyride program.
  • Regularly evaluate active transportation outcomes. 

Long Term

  • Eliminate subsidized car parking.
  • Create a working environment with schedule flexibility and telecommuting options to accommodate employees whose active commutes may be affected by infrequent transit schedules or inclement weather.
  • Provide showers, lockers, and private changing facilities at all workplaces.
  • Partner with Nashville B-Cycle to install bikeshare stations at your workplace and at nearby destinations.
  • Work with city agencies to share the cost of improving walking, bicycling and transit infrastructure that serves your workplace.
  • Locate new workplaces in areas with a built environment that support active transportation.

Optimal areas will feature:

  1. A dense mixture of land uses
  2. Short, well connected blocks
  3. Frequent transit service
  4. Extensive sidewalk and bikeway networks
  5. Access to parks and/or greenways