Congratulations to Jeremiah Dameron on winning the Tour de Nash Selfie contest!

Jeremiah tweeted: Loving my first #TourdeNash Perfect way to explore Nashville for a newbie like me. #tourdenashselfie #parthenon

Thanks to our sponsor Regions, Jeremiah will be taking home a new bike! Read on to learn about why Jeremiah rode in the Tour de Nash, what he liked about the event and why he supports Walk Bike Nashville!

I signed up for the Tour de Nash on a tip from my friendly neighbor. A few weeks after moving to Nashville he saw that I was riding my bike on the greenway near our neighborhood and when I asked if he knew of other good routes, he recommended I check out Walk Bike Nashville (especially the Tour de Nash) and to visit the friendly folks at Green Fleet Bikes. His recommendations were spot on. The crew at Green Fleet Bikes were really friendly, gave me a few tips and shared a bike map. When I mentioned I was riding in the Tour de Nash, they were very encouraging. 

The Tour de Nash was just what I hoped it would be, an opportunity to meet new people and an opportunity to explore. As a new resident, I really wanted to connect with and learn from fellow cyclists. I wanted to see what types of biking infrastructure exists in parts of the city outside my neighborhood. I loved meeting new people the morning of the event (both locals and a few fellow newbies) and then riding with hundreds of cyclists into neighborhoods I had not yet explored. Everyone was encouraging, friendly and warm, plus the event was a really great way to cover so much territory across the city. 

I really enjoyed being part of something that brought so many cyclists out on the road together. There's something very compelling and powerful about seeing so many people doing something healthy and fun in a large group. It was also great to hear people cheering and see people waving us on as we rode through the different neighborhoods. When I signed up for Tour de Nash, I also decided to join Walk Bike Nashville. I'm hoping to meet and learn from local advocates during other events. Great job to Walk Bike Nashville and your many partners and volunteers!