Keep a Kid Alive. Drive 25 mph.®

This is Nathaniel “Nate” Elijah Isbell. Nate was 13 when he was killed last Halloween after being struck by a speeding driver while he was skateboarding.

Nate was an eighth grader at Rock Springs Middle School. He excelled at playing electric and acoustic guitar. Nate was a smart, kind, and generous soul. He is missed dearly.

In memory of Nate, his mother, Janeesa Perkins and his father, Chuck Isbell, advocated to pass a resolution for the “Halloween Speed Limit” which lowered the speed limit to 25 mph on residential streets in Rutherford County on Halloween.

Janessa and Chuck are continuing their campaign for safer roads beyond Halloween and have launched this petition to make the speed limit on all local, residential streets in Rutherford County 25 mph every day, not just on Halloween. Residents who support having the speed limit on local streets be lowered to 25 mph are being asked to sign this petition to the Rutherford County Commission.

Why 25 mph?

Driving slower means you can stop faster. If you hit a pedestrian at 40 mph there is a 80% chance they’ll die. At 20mph there is a 90% chance they’ll live, according to research from the US Department of Transportation.*

Even small increases in vehicle speed can have fatal results. How fast you choose to drive can be the difference between life and death.

A second of your time could save a life.

Read more about the change to 25 mph on local roads in Nashville that took place earlier this year here.

If you believe local streets should be 25 mph all the time, not just on Halloween in Rutherford County, please sign our petition.

*US Department of Transportation, Literature Reviewed on Vehicle Travel Speeds and Pedestrian Injuries. March 2000.

Will you sign?