Walking along one of the most dangerous corridors, Murfreesboro Road,  we are confronted with a blazing heat, loud traffic and minimal pedestrian infrastructure. These conditions put you in a survival mode. We want to shift our city from a place where we survive to where we thrive.

Having a safe place to walk is a quality of life issue

In the past couple of months we have ramped up our outreach and engagement efforts for pedestrian safety improvements along Murfreesboro. We have volunteers like Adam walk the Napier neighborhood in the middle of day to ask people about neighborhood walkability issues, and Laura who was at Plus Park at 7am talking to 20 bus riders while they waited for the bus to downtown.  Through these and other efforts we have talked to over 200 people at bus stops, outside of gas stations, walking from the grocery store, and more. 

Leading with Residents

We are connecting with the communities at a deeper level by identifying issues that can be acted on immediately-- such as adding crosswalks to connect libraries and health care clinics to housing, and a no right turn sign at high pedestrian crash area. Next week we are adding even more capacity by bringing on our first ever Americorps Service Member, Maegan, who will be working with me along this corridor.

I'm excited about what's ahead and appreciate your support in helping us get there. 

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Brenda Perez

Bilingual Community Engagement Manager 

P.S. If you want to plug into this project send me a text  at 615-510-7386 or email.