This week we're having our annual campaign to show you why your support matters and how you can #BeTheVoice for a more walkable, bikeable and livable Nashville.

Through your contributions, Walk Bike University offers regular, free classes to the community. One of the most popular, Adult Learn to Ride, helps people of all ages and backgrounds ride a bicycle. There is no greater form of advocacy than sharing the skills needed to ride a bicycle with those who never had the opportunity to learn.

Here's how you are helping Be the Voice for new riders!

Adult Learn to Ride is a very popular class in Walk Bike University because it allows adults who never learned to ride a bicycle the opportunity to do just that. In about 3 hours, most participants go from never having sat on a bike to being able to pedal around on their own in a low-stress setting.

With your support, we were able to teach almost 40 adults how to learn to ride in 2016. The Tennessean even came out to do an article on the class, which got picked up by USA Today. So why is the class so popular?

Because riding a bicycle is fun. It’s healthful. It’s socially interactive and provides a sense community. Because it gets people outdoors onto the amazing Greenways we have in Nashville. Because friends are doing it and they want to join in. Because it’s AWESOME.

At Walk Bike Nashville, we believe that everyone should be able to have the option to ride a bicycle for recreation or transportation. That’s why we advocate for better bikeways and safer streets. That’s also why we teach adults to learn to ride. Just because you never learned when you were a kid doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an option for you.



Adult Learn to Ride isn’t the only education courses we offer. We move up to Beginner Greenway Rides, City Cycling 101 and 201 (for safe urban riding), Maintenance Open Houses and many other classes for every experience level. And that’s why we need your support to continue spreading the knowledge and joy of bicycling and to make it a safe and enjoyable option for all Nashvillians.

Please continue to support Walk Bike University by becoming a member of Walk Bike Nashville today. #BeTheVoice for new bicycle riders!