Bike Maps

Nashville's network of bikeways and greenways is growing! Find recommended routes below.

The Groove The Groove is an innovative map of easy-riding routes across Nashville that interconnects neighborhoods and highlights comfortable cycling for all level riders. You can also pick up paper copies of the Groove at our office or at most bike shops.


Music City Bikeway Map source: Metro Nashville Public Works

Countywide Greenway Map and Master Plan source: Nashville Greenways


Bicycle Routes in Tennessee

source: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Tennessee United State Bicycle Route System

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  • commented 2017-08-21 14:30:08 -0500
    “Commuting to work by bicycle can be a great way to get some exercise, use less gas, connect with your neighborhood, improve your mental health and have a lot of fun. "

    And also effectively prohibited by Nashville’s Greenway system. It’s illegal to be on the greenway in non-daylight hours or to travel over 15mph. This is not a commuter speed, but a sightseeing speed. I commute by bike 24 miles, and so I travel 18mph average – and that means top speeds hitting 25-30mph. 15mph top speed, would mean 12mph avg – i.e. 4 hour commute each day? Effectively that would eliminate commuting as an option.. Secondly at winter solstice you’d have to already be home by 4:36pm in order to travel during daylight hours. If you work 9am to 5pm, you will not have the opportunity to commute home during the hours needed – it’s banned by the daylight rule.

    As a practical matter, people ignore the rules. But, feedback should be given to city planners that they have not constructed a commuting system and by the rules, it would be impossible to actually use greenways for commuting. That’s fine, it’s a pleasant walk for pedestrians…it’s a park, not a commuting route. It’s not for exercise either. Unless it’s your first day, 15mph is excessively easy. And even though there are abandoned airparks where some time trialing would seem to make sense – it is banned. These uses – exercise and commuting, do occur. But because the rules aren’t enforced. If they were – these use cases would clearly not be viable.