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Working to build a more walkable, bikeable, and livable Nashville.

About Us

Since 1998, Walk Bike Nashville has sought to make active transportation an option for Nashvillians, no matter where they live or where they're trying to go.  We want our sidewalks and bikeways to support active living, additional commuting options, and recreational opportunities.  We use a mix of educational programs focused on safety and skills and membership outreach focused on advocacy to pursue our goals.


  • Latest from the blog

    Car Free Life: Week 1

    The look on people's faces when you tell them you don't own a car is hilarious. It starts with sympathy followed by a mix of surprise and doubt when you tell them it's a life style choice. The cashier at Turnip Truck even offered, "If you ever need a ride, let me know." Thanks, Caleb, I'll swing by if I'm ever in a bind!
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    Totaled, But Not a Total Loss

    For at least the next month I plan to go car free. Before I get to my story I want to start by acknowledging my privilege in being able give up my car as an experiment and knowing if I find that I do need a car it's an option for me. Many Nashvillians don't have this option and maneuver this car-centric city by bus, foot and bike everyday. As a city we need to make sure that everyone could be car free, whether by necessity or choice. 
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