SRTS Toolbox

Walk Bike Nashville's SRTS ToolBox

Encouraging SRTS At Your School

  • Contact your PE teacher, Principal and PTO to start raising awareness of Safe Routes to School issues
  • Contact your Healthy School Team to start raising awareness of Safe Routes to School issues
  • Teach road safety in class time, during PE, or during enrichment/enhancement time, if your school has this.
  • Start a walking school bus
  • Organize a bike train. An even more comprehensive guide is this National Partnership guide.
  • Organize a mileage contest
  • Carry out walking and cycling audits to identify infrastructure shortcomings and opportunities at the school and in the surrounding neighborhood. There are plenty of templates, ranging from simple to involved.
  • Map out safe walking and cycling routes to help the whole community identify the safest routes
  • Look for grant funding opportunities (e.g. People for Bikes Community Grant for bike racks, Specialized Foundation cycling in the curriculum grant, Metro Health Dept Community Fund, TN Dept of Health grants, Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation) to meet any shortcomings
  • Review school policies about transportation issues (restrictive rules about walking and cycling, changing your child's dismissal mode, preferential dismissal for walkers, etc) and get them changed
  • Contact us to request a bike rodeo -- an on-bike workshop to teach children basic bicycle and road safety skills
  • Participate in Walk to School Day (October 2018) or Walk and Roll to School Day (May 9th 2018)