We have been working very closely with Metro Public Works to implement another Slow Streets Program in lieu of Open Streets Nashville. We are excited to announce the 10 neighborhoods selected for Slow Streets 2.0! 

Which neighborhoods were selected? 

This document shows all Slow Streets in Nashville. 

What are Slow Streets?

The Nashville Slow Streets program is a partnership with Metro Public Works and Walk Bike Nashville.

A “slow street” or “soft road closure” is a street where cut-through traffic is discouraged by placing barricades and signage at the outer limits and entry points of a portion of the road. Local traffic, including delivery trucks, transit service, and service trucks, are permitted to use the street. On-street parking is maintained. Streets are simply closed to cut-through traffic.

What are the benefits?

By placing “road closed to thru traffic” signage and barricades in one lane of traffic, drivers who do not live on the street or have a business on the street are reminded not to use it. This signage reminds drivers that this street is a priority street for pedestrian and bicycle activity, and drivers should proceed with caution.

What if we applied but our neighborhood street was not selected? 

We had a lot of great applications, and unfortunately, we could not choose them all. There are several ways you can continue the work to create a safer street in your neighborhood. You can:

How were the Slow Streets selected? 

The selection process prioritized equity in geography and resources for each neighborhood. We also looked for a group of volunteers/neighbors that would take charge of their slow street and prioritized streets that do not currently have sidewalks. Lastly, all streets selected are residential streets that are not essential cut-throughs to access other neighborhoods. 

How long will it last?

October 5th through October 31st, 2020

What if I have more questions?

You can email [email protected]