Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is the name for programs that: Encourage students to commute to school via walking or biking; educates teachers, parents, and students about safe walking and biking commutes to school; and provides opportunities for students to be more physically active.

Safe Routes to School programs are typically divided into the six "E"'s:

  • Engineering - More sidewalks, crosswalks and bikeways would definitely encourage walking and cycling, but they are expensive and slow to implement compared to the other measures.
  • Encouragement - These are demonstrations, events, competitions, or fun activities, that show off the benefits of walking and cycling.
  • Education - Teaching people how to walk and cycle safely are core aspects of SRTS programming. Many walking and cycling education activities can be so fun that they are also encouragement activities!
  • Enforcement - Using the rules that already exist can enhance the safety and attractiveness of walking and cycling. For instance, enforcing no-parking zones makes street corners safer, and slower traffic is less intimidating to walk alongside.
  • Evaluation - SRTS programs compete for funds with everything else to do with education, families, streets, transportation and health, but are less well known. Data and results are therefore required to ensure programs get funded and remain funded.
  • Equity - Walking and cycling are inherently low cost, easily accessible modes of transport. Nonetheless, effort is still required to ensure everyone in the community has the opportunity to benefit from SRTS programming by ensuring time and resources are spent where the maximum benefit is achieved, not just where the most adept advocates are active.

For 2019/20 Walk Bike Nashville is pleased to announce that we will continue our focus on four MNPS schools to achieve more walking and cycling to these schools through targeted, focused, programming. The schools are:

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