Safe Routes to School is the name for programs that: Encourage students to commute to school via walking or biking; educates teachers, parents, and students about safe walking and biking commute to school; and provides opportunities for students to be more physically active.

Safe Routes to School programs are typically divided into the six "E"'s:

  • ENGAGEMENT – All Safe Routes to School initiatives should begin by listening to students, families, teachers, and school leaders and working with existing community organizations, and build intentional, ongoing engagement opportunities into the program structure.

  • EQUITY – Ensuring that Safe Routes to School initiatives are benefiting all demographic groups, with particular attention to ensuring safe, healthy, and fair outcomes for low-income students, students of color, students of all genders, students with disabilities, and others.

  • ENGINEERING – Creating physical improvements to streets and neighborhoods that make walking and bicycling safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

  • ENCOURAGEMENT – Generating enthusiasm and increased walking and bicycling for students through events, activities, and programs.

  • EDUCATION – Providing students and the community with the skills to walk and bicycle safely, educating them about the benefits of walking and bicycling, and teaching them about the broad range of transportation choices.

  • EVALUATION – Assessing which approaches are more or less successful, ensuring that programs and initiatives are supporting equitable outcomes, and identifying unintended consequences or opportunities to improve the effectiveness of each approach.

We are excited to partner with schools to make sure we can best provide programming that supports creating safer environments for student, teachers, and families to walk and bike to school, home or around their communities.

Focus Schools for 2022-2023 

*Announcement Coming September 15th* 

Resources for Nashville Schools

Join our SRTS newsletter for updates on their progress and to learn of ways to get involved! And if you are interested in having us work with your school please contact us.


Encouraging SRTS At Your School

  • Contact Cathy Carrillo, School Coordinator at Walk Bike Nashville for assistance.
  • Participate in Walk to School Day (October 5th, 2022).
  • Participate in Bike to School Day (Spring 2022).
  • Take a look at our toolbox of ideas for programming that encourages walking and cycling to school.
  • Contact us to request a bike rodeo -- an on-bike workshop to teach children basic bicycle and road safety skills.