Did you know that Tour de Nash will have an Open Streets aspect this year? Think of Open Streets as your canvas – a place to gather with friends and unleash your creativity on the street. Here’s the deal: anything you can do at the park, playground, picnic, or a lazy day in the sun — you can do it right here on 51st Avenue.

Bring your chairs, your favorite games, and most importantly... your friends! The best way to reserve a spot for yourself, your family, , your rider group, or organization is to fill out this form. Need ideas? We’ve included some below. 

This is the first time there has ever been an Open Streets component of Tour de Nash, Nashville’s largest all-ages and all-abilites bike ride. Join us Saturday, May 18, on 51st Avenue in the Nations from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. This year, there really is something for everyone. How will you make the street your own? Here's some inspiration: 

Activity Ideas for You

A few ideas to get you started. Go where your creativity leads you - the street is yours!

Living Room on the Street: Bring chairs and a deck of cards and people will come! Get real fancy if you want with a couch or coffee table but folding chairs will do perfect.

Chalk Art Extravaganza: Remember when you doodled on the driveway as a kid? Well, the asphalt is your canvas now. Grab some colorful chalk and create masterpieces or quirky messages for passersby.

Picnic Vibes: Spread out your checkered blanket, unpack your favorite snacks, and share laughter with friends.

Jam Sessions: Got a guitar, ukulele, or even a kazoo? Bring it along! Set up an impromptu music corner, strum those chords, and let the melodies flow. Who knows? You might start a sidewalk concert.

Parklet: Find a spot, set up your turf, potted plants, benches and other items to create your very own park for a day. See Nashville Parking Day for ideas.

Tour de Nash Basecamp: Riding in Tour de Nash? Claim a spot to hang with your cycling friends after the ride. Friends and family can enjoy the space while they cheer you on from your basecamp!

Games, games, games: Make a 4 square tournament, play your favorite sport, or start an impromptu trivia challenge. 

In Other News

We're hosting a walk on Tuesday! Join us for the 2nd Annual Faith Leaders Walk as part of the Walks with the Trustee series. We'll meet at the Islamic Center of Nashville for a 30-minute stroll through the 12th South neighborhood. Details here

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Still reading? Now we're really expecting to see you May 18. Use promo code "OSNFIVE" for a $5 discount on TDN registration through Sunday. 

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Get your tickets to Tour de Nash and reserve a spot on the open street! We're still looking for help at rest stops, for setup and breakdown, and for route leading and sweeping. You get a free registration when you sign up to volunteer. It's truly a once-a-year experience. Don't miss out!

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