Nashville's network of bikeways and greenways is growing! Find recommended routes and maps below.

Tour de Nash: Tour Trainers Routes

These are great routes to get you accommodated with some of the city's best bicycle routes. This suite of routes is intended to get you ready for the Tour de Nash and introduce you to Nashville's neighborhoods, bike infrastructure, and greenways that are less used. 

View the whole suite of routes on Ride With GPS here. 

6.8 miles - Tour Trainers EXTRA (Downtown Core)

7.6 mile City Tour Trainer (McCabe/Nations)

8.5 mile City Tour Trainer (North Nash/Germantown)

8.9 mile City Tour Trainer (Shelby Bottoms/Riverside)

12.3 mile Tour Trainer EXTRA (Bell's Bend Out-and-back)

13.3 mile Local Tour Trainer (Berry Hill/Wedgewood Houston)

15.3 mile Tour Trainer EXTRA (Eastside Special)

17.2 mile Tour Trainer EXTRA (Music Landmarks)

23.2 mile Local Tour Trainer (12S/Nations)

27.3 mile Local Tour Trainer (Radnor Lake/Percy Warner Park)

29.5 mile Local Tour Trainer (Natchez Trace Pkwy)

37.1 mile Grand Tour Trainer (PWP/River Rd./Pasquo) 

40.7 mile Grand Tour Trainer (Cedar Hill/White's Creek/Beaman)

53.0 mile Grand Tour Trainer (Nissan Stadium/Beaman Park/Bell's Bend)

Kid-Friendly Bike Routes

*All routes are designed to be safe for family travel - some include road sections while others are completely car-free. There are no big climbs but some are more hilly than others. Take a look at the route before you go see if it's the right fit for your family. 

2.4 miles Elmington Park

3.0 miles McFerrin/Cleveland Park 

3.1 miles Battlemont Park & Sevier Park

3.6 miles West Park/ Nations

3.8 miles Peeler Park Greenway

4.3 miles Whites Creek Greenway

5.6 miles Metro Center Greenway

6.2 miles Harpeth River Greenway 

Walking Routes

1.5 mile Downtown Mural Walking Tour

3.8 mile Mural Walking Tour (The Nations)

4.1 mile University Walking Tour

The Groove The Groove is an innovative map of easy-riding routes across Nashville that interconnects neighborhoods and highlights comfortable cycling for all level riders. You can also pick up paper copies of the Groove at our office or at most bike shops.


Music City Bikeway Map source: Metro Nashville Public Works

Countywide Greenway Map and Master Plan source: Nashville Greenways

Walking Routes to Schools

The links below will open new windows with a Google Maps overlay showing the sidewalks in the school zone. Use them to plan safe walking routes to those schools:

Bicycle Routes in Tennessee

source: Tennessee Department of Transportation

Tennessee United State Bicycle Route System

Other Bike Organizations and Upcoming Bike Rides

Nashville is home to some amazing bike groups and bike communities! Many have upcoming rides. Check them out below: 

Bike for Equality

Bike Fun

Black Girls Do Bike Nashville

Ladies, ride! Facebook Group

Major Momentum

Nashville Slow Ride

The Domestiques Cycling Club

Thirdsday Bike Rides

And don't forget to follow Walk Bike Nashville on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Local Bike Shops

And don't forget some of the amazing local bike shops here in Nashville! They will be happy to help you if you ever need assistance. 

Biker's Choice

Cumberland Transit 

Green Fleet Bicycle Shop

Halycon Bike Shop 

Mac's Harpeth Bikes

Moab Bike Shop

REI Brentwood

Ride 615

Shelby Ave Bicycle Co

Trace Bikes