In January 2016 TN Senator Gardenhire and Representative Carter introduced a bill (HB1650--SB1716) to the state Transportation Subcommittee to prevent the use of gas tax revenue for non-vehicular travel. 

Even though bicycles are considered a vehicle under Tennessee State Law, the intent of this dangerous bill is to prevent TDOT from building bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

This bill hurts all Tennesseans, since the majority of those who walk and bike in our state also contribute to the gas tax fund. All road users benefit from decreased congestion and improved safety, some of the many benefits of providing walking, biking, and transit options.

Walk Bike Nashville opposes this bill because of its extremely negative effects on the mobility and safety of all Tennesseans, and urges you to join us in opposition.

This Bill Will:

  1. Violate Americans with Disabilities Act (as explained by TDOT here)
  2. Jeopardize Tennessee’s access to nearly a billion dollars of transportation funding from the Federal Highway Administration (as explained by TDOT here)
  3. Bring back 1950s transportation engineering
  4. Prevent safety improvements along busy state streets
  5. Decrease state and federal funds available to local governments
  6. Hurt businesses and make it harder to attract a competitive workforce
  7. Eliminate the Multimodal Access Fund
  8. Void TDOT's Multimodal Access Policy
  9. Further endanger people on our streets
  10. Result in the loss of valuable tourism and commercial dollars

You can help oppose this bill. Sign our petition below and reach out to your representatives to let them know you oppose HB1650 -- SB1716.

Support Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding in Tennessee

I support bicycle and pedestrian funding in Tennessee.

I support streets that are safe for all road users, whether on foot, on a bike, or in a car.

I support infrastructure to promote local businesses and attract the necessary workforce to our cities.

I know that walking and biking are an important part of our our state's transportation system.

I am joining with businesses, local governments, non-profits, groups and private citizens across the state to oppose House Bill 1650-- Senate Bill 1716.