Walk Bike University Classes

Walk Bike University is dedicated to bringing free or low cost bicycle education to the Nashville community!  Below are workshops currently offered by Walk/Bike Nashville:

Walk Bike University Classes

  • Adult Learn to Ride a Bike: Want to learn how to ride a bicycle?  Now’s your chance.  This class is for all bike-beginners!  Topics include balance, starting, stopping, pedaling, and turning.
  • City Cycling -- How to Ride Your Bike Safely and Confidently: This class is for cyclists of all levels who are ready to hit the roads and practice riding in traffic.  We will cover a variety of topics, including: helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, rules of the road, lane positioning, and bicycle infrastructure. Learn tips and tricks to arrive safely and have fun.
  • Other Classes: Throughout the year we will offer a variety of other, unique classes. If there's something you'd like us to cover, let us know!

Upcoming Classes

Our classes happen on a spring and fall schedule, generally between March - May and September - November each year. 

Registration is REQUIRED for all Walk Bike University courses. Please click on the events below to learn more and register.