Walk Bike University Classes

Walk Bike University is dedicated to bringing free or low cost bicycle education to the Nashville community!  Below are workshops currently offered by Walk Bike Nashville:

Walk Bike University Classes

  • Adult Learn to Ride -- Never learned to ride a bike as a child?  Now’s your chance.  This class is for all bike-beginners!  Topics include balance, starting, stopping, pedaling, and turning.
  • City Cycling -- This class is for cyclists of all levels who are ready to hit the roads and practice riding in traffic.  We will cover a variety of topics, including: helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, rules of the road, lane positioning, and bicycle infrastructure. Learn tips and tricks to arrive safely and have fun.
  • Bike Buddies -- A one-on-one lesson to help you get more comfortable riding so that you can turn more car trips into bike trips! Our certified instructors can do anything from help you plan your route, teach you bike riding safety skills, ride along the route with you, and answer any looming questions you may have about bicycle commuting. 
  • Other Classes -- Throughout the year we will offer a variety of other, unique classes. If there's something you'd like us to cover, let us know!

Upcoming Classes

Our classes happen on a spring and fall schedule, generally between March - May and September - November of each year. 

Registration is REQUIRED for all Walk Bike University courses. Please click on the events below to learn more and register.