$380 Million for Sidewalks

The passage of the referendum will be a game changer for pedestrian safety in Nashville. The Let's Move Nashville Transit Plan includes 282,000 feet of the most critical sidewalks in Nashville.[1] If the referendum fails it would cost the city $380,700,000 to build that much sidewalks through the normal process.[2] If the entire capital sidewalk budget was just for these transit corridor sidewalks, it would take more than a decade. In reality, it would take far longer.  Continue reading

Complete Streets design implemented

A new traffic signal on Eastland Ave at Chapel Avenue and The Walden development has been installed with Complete Streets elements. Following community meetings and input from residents, Walk Bike Nashville, and Nashville Civic Design Center, the new traffic signal design was changed to improve safety and usability for pedestrians and cyclists.  Continue reading

Lets Move Nashville -- Our Take

Last night Metro Council passed the ordinance to put Let's Move Nashville, our city's Transportation Plan on the ballot for a May 1 referendum. We've spent the last several months pouring over the plan, and here's what we think. Let's Move Nashville isn't perfect, but its passage is a critical step towards making our city more walkable and bikeable. Continue reading

2017 Most Deadly Year for Pedestrians Ever

Crash data recently compiled by Walk Bike Nashville confirms that 2017 was the most deadly year on record for people walking in Nashville, with 23 people killed. This marks a significant increase from the previous high in 2015, when Nashville lost 18 pedestrians. A total of 75 people were killed in all traffic crashes in Davidson County, which means over 30% of all people killed were walking. Continue reading

Council Hearing on Transit: A Walk Bike Listening Guide

On Thursday January 11th Metro Council had a committee meeting about the Mayor's Transportation Improvement Plan ahead of voting on whether or not to add it to the ballot. Overall they voted overwhelming in favor: 29 in favor, 1 no, and 1 abstaining. This was a unique opportunity to hear the administration respond to some direct questions about what the plan includes, including it's flexibility, provision of sidewalks, and what it means for bicycles. Since the whole thing is two hours long, we prepared a listening guide that highlights some of the moments we thought were most interesting. Continue reading

Active Transportation in Mayor's Referendum Plan

To be a walkable, bikeable and livable city Nashville needs better transit. And in order for transit to succeed in Nashville, riders must be able to walk or bike to transit stops safely and comfortably. That’s why Walk Bike Nashville supports Mayor Barry’s Let’s Move Nashville plan and is a member of the Transit for Nashville coalition. Continue reading

Installation Begins on Enhanced Crosswalk at Nashville's Most Deadly Crossing

December 7, 2017 – TDOT has installed a crosswalk this week at the most deadly location for pedestrians in Nashville: the intersection of Welshwood Drive and Nolensville Pike. The crossing connects two of the most used bus stops in the city, as well as numerous local businesses and residential areas. Continue reading

Congrats to our 2017 Annual Award Winners

Each year the Walk Bike Nashville Board of Directors and Staff vote on awards to recognize the individuals or organizations that have contributed the most to walking and biking over the past year. The awards are announced each year at the Walk Bike Nashville Annual Celebration.  Continue reading

Advocating for Better Streets Ahead

We’ve had a great year in 2017, and we have made a lot of progress in advocating for better streets. Around this time last year, we were in the midst of the WalknBike Strategic Plan outreach, the Sidewalk Development Bill was progressing, and we were looking at how we could be most effective in other policy areas in 2017. We've had a lot of successes advocating for better streets with the WalknBike Strategic Plan and on 51st Ave and Nolensville Pike, but we've had some big citywide priority issues we've made traction on too. Here’s the progress on our major 2017 Advocacy Goals: Continue reading

Better Streets Ahead

Wow, 2017 has been a busy. We've hosted over 40 free community classes, welcomed 1,200 riders to the 13th Tour de Nash, passed the landmark Sidewalks Bill, successfully advocated for $5 Million for Bikeways and $30 Million for Sidewalks, launched a pedestrian safety campaign, joined the Transit for Nashville coalition, and saw over 12,000 people attend Open Streets Nashville. Continue reading