Fostering a holistic perspective on mobility: From the Netherlands to Nashville

By Anthony Campbell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University William Whyte famously averred that, "The relationship to the street is integral, and it is far and away the critical design factor." In that brief statement Whyte captured the importance of not only the design of transportation infrastructure, but also public attitudes. This holistic orientation to transportation infrastructure requires a multifaceted approach, which has a long history in the Netherlands and a fresh start in Nashville, Tennessee.    Continue reading

Welcome New Staff Robert Johnson

So the day I started working at Walk Bike Nashville I knew everything about Safe Routes to Schools. Today, nearly one month into my new job as Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator, I know nothing about it! How did that happen? Hello everyone, my name is Robert Johnson and I have taken the full-time role previously occupied by Katie Hoovler. My legs are a little hairier than hers, and don’t pedal as fast, but they are longer. Continue reading

Add Your Voice to the WalknBike Strategic Plan

The WalknBike Strategic Plan draft was released January 9, 2017. The public comment period will be open at the WalkNBike website until January 31st via Continue reading

How Is Media Talking About Pedestrian Fatalities?

How do we talk about about the ever present tragedy of people being killed by cars while walking in Nashville? It often seems this loss of life continues to fail to register as a public emergency. Far too frequently media outlets and police reports (in Nashville and across the country) cover these tragedies as mere accidents, placing subtle blame on the victims rather than looking more broadly at our street designs and why Nashville is one of the most deadly for pedestrians in the country. We all have a responsibility to think carefully about how we talk about pedestrian fatalities, particularly those in the media. To end the week we wanted to share a poignant letter from one of our board members, Victoria Cumbow, who was disappointed by recent coverage of the death of Mr. William Smith in East Nashville on January 12th. Continue reading

Nashville Listed Among Most Deadly Cities to Walk

NASHVILLE — 209 pedestrians were struck and killed by cars while walking in Nashville between 2005 and 2014. That number is enough for Nashville to come in as the 37th most dangerous place nationally for people walking, according to a new ranking out today.    Continue reading

Guest Blog - Obstacles and Opportunities: Cold

We were going to do a post about best practices for dressing for your winter commutes but Nashville Bike Fun beat us to it and probably did a much better job! Nashville Bike Fun intends "to promote self love through bike love" and that's something we wholeheartedly agree with.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter too! Check out their post below...     Continue reading

2016 Annual Award Winners

Walk Bike Nashville is fortunate to have many supportive members, sponsors, volunteers and partners each year. Our work simply would not be possible if it weren't for the huge number of Nashvillians working to make our city more walkable and bikeable. While it would be impossible to list everyone who has helped move the transportation needle in Nashville this last year, we like to take the opportunity to recognize a few individuals each year for their outstanding work to make our city a better place to live and get around.  Here are the 2016 Annual Award Winners Continue reading

Developing more Sidewalks: Council Bill 2016-493

On November 15 Councilmember Angie Henderson introduced a bill, BL 2016-493, that could well be one of the most influential sidewalk bills in recent council history. This bill increases the requirement for when developers need to build sidewalks and would help reduce use of paying a fee in-lieu of, or rather than, building a sidewalk (the much maligned "In-Lieu Fee"). This bill has come out of a series of conversations around the Bike/Ped Master Plan update (it was one of our top 4 priorities) and ongoing discussions with Council, Metro Planning and Public Works. Since the majority of sidewalks in Nashville are built by private developers, not the city, it is essential that our sidewalk requirements reflect our city's desire to be a walkable and livable place.   Continue reading

Be the Voice for Walking to School

  This week we're having our annual campaign. We need your help to ensure our we can continue to advocate for a more walkable, bikable and livable Nashville. Each year we work with schools across Nashville to host Walk to School Day. This is a day to celebrate getting around on our own two feet and to highlight how much work we still have to do to ensure all of our students have the infrastructure needed to walk safely on their own. We need your help to help us grow this program. Continue reading

Be the Voice for New Bicycle Riders

This week we're having our annual campaign to show you why your support matters and how you can #BeTheVoice for a more walkable, bikeable and livable Nashville. Through your contributions, Walk Bike University offers regular, free classes to the community. One of the most popular, Adult Learn to Ride, helps people of all ages and backgrounds ride a bicycle. There is no greater form of advocacy than sharing the skills needed to ride a bicycle with those who never had the opportunity to learn. Here's how you are helping Be the Voice for new riders! Continue reading