What to do with your kids

Looking at a future working from home, or unemployed, and looking after children while having nowhere to send them? Pretty grim, huh? Exercise is part of the solution! You are going to need a routine that includes getting out of the home, otherwise everyone might go crazy! Here are my kids in normal times, going to school: I am fortunate that we normally have the ability to get some exercise in the mornings while safely cycling to school. Things are different at the moment, so we we need to work slightly harder to create the opportunity to walk and cycle. Continue reading

Bicycling Basics Video Release

Thanks to Solar Cabin Productions and some of our wonderful volunteer instructors, we have created a new video to help you navigate safe biking around Nashville!  Continue reading

Walk Bike Covid-19 Q & A

These are crazy times and everyone is figuring out how to stay sane and keep positive, while also staying safe. Walking and bicycling are great ways to stay active, while also practicing social distancing. Walk Bike Nashville board member, Mindy Johnson, APRN, and Instructor of Nursing at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing helped us put together a quick Q&A about how to safely walk and bike in Nashville during these difficult days.  For additional info please consult the Metro Nashville Health Department, the Center for Disease Control, or your own healthcare provider. Continue reading

Plans Have Changed

We've been following all the updates from the CDC and have made the difficult decision to postpone the Tour de Nash, and cancel Bike to Work Day, Bike to School Day and all our other events planned for March, April and early May.  But don't worry - we are planning new ways to get you out walking and biking.    Continue reading

Downtown Nashville streets must adapt to pedestrians, bikes and scooters

This fall we created a pop-up protected bike lane on Commerce Street as part of our push for protected bike lanes on Commerce Street and Third Avenue (pictured below).  Construction finally began on the long-awaited Commerce Street bike lane in January. Continue reading

Vision Zero for Nashville

Mayor Cooper announced his plans for Vision Zero at our annual pedestrian memorial event. Continue reading

25 mph Speed Limits for Neighborhood Streets

A lower speed limit on local streets is a victory for all of Nashville.  We've been working behind the scenes to make this change happen for years.  Continue reading

Nashville Community Transportation Platform Endorsed by New Mayor and Half of Incoming Metro Council

Mayor John Cooper and 20 Council Members endorsed the Nashville Community Transportation Platform during the campaign season.  Continue reading

BL 2019-1659 Overview and Thoughts

In 2017 Walk Bike Nashville supported, and helped pass “The Sidewalk Bill”, BL2917-493. This bill dramatically increased the requirements for sidewalks during development. For the first time ever it required sidewalks for single and two family houses in our most dense urban centers. It required more sidewalks for commercial and multi-family developments, and made it harder for those developments to avoid building. And it expanded where the “in-lieu of sidewalks” payment had to be made.  Thanks to this bill hundreds of new sidewalks have been built, stemming the tide of our sidewalk needs, and millions have been paid into the “in-lieu of sidewalks” fund, further stretching the $30 Million Metro has been spending each year on new sidewalks around the city. You can read all about the current requirements for sidewalks here. Councilwoman Angie Henderson has filed, BL2019-1659 an update to the original sidewalk bill. It tweaks a few parts of the updated code and streamlines the waiver process. Overall Walk Bike Nashville is generally supportive of this bill, though somewhat concerned how it will play out in reality. Here's a quick overview of the bill and our thoughts. Continue reading