Impossible Crossings and Transit

There’s a terrifying overlap between bus stop locations and pedestrian injuries and deaths—Some of our busiest bus stops are also at top pedestrian crash locations. This means thousands of Nashville bus riders are facing dangerous conditions each and every day. We're asking the city to commit to a dedicated funding stream to address pedestrian safety. It's time to eliminate traffic fatalities and achieve Vision Zero. Continue reading

Congrats to our 2018 Annual Awards

Each year the Walk Bike Nashville Board of Directors and Staff vote on awards to recognize the individuals or organizations, nominated by the Walk Bike Nashville Members, that have contributed the most to walking and biking over the past year. The awards are announced each year at the Walk Bike Nashville Annual Celebration.    Continue reading

Impossible Crossings

In 2014 Metro Public Works released the Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Pilot Project report, which identified 50 top pedestrian crash locations in the city based on crash data from 2010-2013. It has now been 4 years since that report came out, and pedestrian crashes have continued to increase. Walk Bike Nashville has conducted a study of those original 50 locations to determine which have seen pedestrian safety improvements, and which have continued to cause pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Here's what we found.  Continue reading

2018 Candidate Questionnaire

Still trying to decide who to vote for on November 6th? We teamed up with Transit Now Nashville and several other partners to create a transportation candidate questionnaire for those running for Governor and various state house races. You can read the responses we have received below. And don't forget to VOTE! Continue reading

2018 Moving the Music City Report Card Released

Walk Bike Nashville calls on city leaders to focus on cheaper, quicker transportation projects Metro Nashville needs to refocus on quick and low-cost transportation projects in order to keep pace with the region’s fast growing transportation challenges. We need to ensure safety is at the core of all street-design decisions. Metro also needs to move more quickly, using quick-build design strategies to accelerate cost-effective street improvements to benefit all Nashvillians. These are some of the key takeaways in Walk Bike Nashville’s 2018 Moving the Music the City Report Card, which they released today. Continue reading

Walk Bike Nashville Supports Dockless Bill

Walk Bike Nashville strongly supports for the regulatory bill (BL2018-1202) proposed by Councilman Elrod and others to create a dockless bicycle and scooter permit. This is a bill that we have been working on, along with Metro Planning and Council, for over 6 months. The introduction of a full dockless scooter and bicycle pilot program would have many benefits for transportation, and our work to promote non-auto transportation.  Continue reading

Councilman S. Davis Blocks Recommended Safety Improvements

Cleveland Street is scheduled for repaving this summer. Because this street is a priority bikeway in WalkNBike (our city's adopted pedestrian and bicycle plan) the city underwent a public engagement process to improve safety, calm traffic and increase transportation options.   However, this week we learned that Councilmember Scott Davis is blocking the addition of these safety improvements, including traffic calming, on-street parking, improved crosswalks and bike lanes. We strongly disagree with the Councilmember's action. We urge you to email him and the city to ask them to reverse their decision and prioritize safety over through-traffic.  Continue reading

$380 Million for Sidewalks

The passage of the referendum will be a game changer for pedestrian safety in Nashville. The Let's Move Nashville Transit Plan includes 282,000 feet of the most critical sidewalks in Nashville.[1] If the referendum fails it would cost the city $380,700,000 to build that much sidewalks through the normal process.[2] If the entire capital sidewalk budget was just for these transit corridor sidewalks, it would take more than a decade. In reality, it would take far longer.  Continue reading

Complete Streets design implemented

A new traffic signal on Eastland Ave at Chapel Avenue and The Walden development has been installed with Complete Streets elements. Following community meetings and input from residents, Walk Bike Nashville, and Nashville Civic Design Center, the new traffic signal design was changed to improve safety and usability for pedestrians and cyclists.  Continue reading

Lets Move Nashville -- Our Take

Last night Metro Council passed the ordinance to put Let's Move Nashville, our city's Transportation Plan on the ballot for a May 1 referendum. We've spent the last several months pouring over the plan, and here's what we think. Let's Move Nashville isn't perfect, but its passage is a critical step towards making our city more walkable and bikeable. Continue reading