Understanding 2019 Pedestrian Crash Trends

In 2019, 33 people were killed while walking in Nashville, compared to 22 in 2018 and 13 in 2008. As pedestrian deaths continue to rise in Nashville, this fall, our intern Kamala Mullur set out to dive into the data to help us better understand what was going on. After looking through MNPD police reports for 2019 deaths, the data tells us that these crashes are not happening randomly. In fact they can largely be explained by the poor design of our streets.  Continue reading

Mayor Cooper's Transportation Plan

Mayor Cooper's Transportation Plan is nearly complete.  Continue reading


HOLA TODES! HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Brenda Pérez, (she/her) and I'm excited to introduce myself as the Community Engagement Coordinator with Walk Bike Nashville. I'm excited to take on this role and use my training in grassroots community organizing to build connections with new people and create a more walkable, bikeable Nashville. You can read more about me below. Me llamo Brenda Pérez, y estoy emocionada de presentarme como la Coordinadora de Participación Comunitaria de Walk Bike Nashville. Estoy emocionada de asumir este papel y utilizar mi experiencia como organizadora comunitaria para construir con nuevas personas y crear un Nashville más accesible a pie y en bicicleta. Puedes leer más sobre mí a continuación.  Continue reading

Race, Class & Pedestrian Deaths: Webinar Recap

On Tuesday October 20th, Walk Bike Nashville co-hosted a speaker panel event with Vanderbilt University featuring two experts in the field of pedestrian safety, Angie Schmitt and Dr. Destiny Thomas.  Angie Schmitt is the founder of 3MPH Planning and Consulting and the author of a new book called “Right of Way: Race, Class, and the Silent Epidemic of Pedestrian Death in America”.   Dr. Destiny Thomas is an anthropologist, urban planner, and founder of Thrivance Group, a firm that works to make public spaces and services more accessible to all by bolstering the voices of marginalized communities within the planning process. Continue reading

Speeds Increasing During Pandemic

Are people driving faster during the Covid-shutdown? A few months ago we started hearing from residents across Nashville that, despite the reduction in overall traffic volumes as a result of the pandemic-shut down, people were driving even faster in our neighborhoods. We have also read national stories about increasing car speeds around the country as a result of the shutdown (in the Washington Post for example). Walk Bike Nashville decided to take a look at speeds in Nashville ourselves, in particular on Greenwood Ave in East Nashville, using Streetlight Data Insights. Streetlight uses big data to measure traffic -- we have a subscription to this year thanks to a grant from Spin. What we found was pretty surprising: despite an overall reduction in traffic this spring, average speeds were up and the number of people driving very fast were also up. Continue reading

Slow Streets are Back!

We have been working very closely with Metro Public Works to implement another Slow Streets Program in lieu of Open Streets Nashville. We are excited to announce the 10 neighborhoods selected for Slow Streets 2.0!  Continue reading

Vision Zero Speaker Series: Data Driven Decisions

On Tuesday July 28th we hosted the 3rd webinar in our Vision Zero Nashville Speaker Series. The focus was data, and how cities can use data to inform their Vision Zero Action Plans and all of their transportation decisions. Our speakers included Angela Berry, P.E., Traffic Safety Program Manager for the City of Charlotte's Transportation Department; Rolf Eisenger, Vision Zero Program Manager for Denver's Transportation Department; and Dr. Chris Cherry, professor at University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Continue reading

New FixIt station in East Park

Bike rack manufacturer Dero rewarded our status as an Advocate Dealer by donating a public bicycle repair station, complete with heavy-duty pump, for us to install. We decided that maximum community benefit would be achieved by installing it in East Park, a few steps from our office. Negotiations with Metro Parks about installing it coincided with an enquiry by a young volunteer named DJ, who looked more than capable of mixing the necessary concrete! Here are the details: Continue reading

How to Fix Our Impossible Crossings: Vision Zero Speaker Series Continues

The second event in our Vision Zero Speaker Series focused on intersection and crosswalk design. Continue reading

Cycling with family

Do you want your children to get out of the house on their bike? Fearful that their road safety skills are just not safe enough? Telling children only to ride on the sidewalk, or only on the street outside your home, is fine - until they reach the limits of the block. I suggest going on family rides is a good way to check and pass on the vital knowledge they need to have - in addition to being fun for all the family!  Start by going for rides on our world-class greenway system. For real freedom, however, you will eventually want your kids to be able to ride on the roads by themselves. We made a video in which I talk about my favorite method of ensuring safety when I'm riding with a group of children on the road (which I do a lot), and some of the road rules I focus on teaching while doing it. Continue reading