How to Fix Our Impossible Crossings: Vision Zero Speaker Series Continues

The second event in our Vision Zero Speaker Series focused on intersection and crosswalk design. Continue reading

Cycling with family

Do you want your children to get out of the house on their bike? Fearful that their road safety skills are just not safe enough? Telling children only to ride on the sidewalk, or only on the street outside your home, is fine - until they reach the limits of the block. I suggest going on family rides is a good way to check and pass on the vital knowledge they need to have - in addition to being fun for all the family!  Start by going for rides on our world-class greenway system. For real freedom, however, you will eventually want your kids to be able to ride on the roads by themselves. We made a video in which I talk about my favorite method of ensuring safety when I'm riding with a group of children on the road (which I do a lot), and some of the road rules I focus on teaching while doing it. Continue reading

Lessons from our Vision Zero Speaker Series

On May 19, 2020, we held the first event in our Vision Zero Speaker Series. Illustration by Jake Lee of the key points discussed at the first Vision Zero Speaker Series event.  Continue reading

What Vision Zero Means for Nashville

In an effort to create a public dialogue around what Vision Zero policies will work best for Nashville, we are launching a Vision Zero Speaker Series.   Continue reading

Walking with children

Taking a walk along the street with very young children can be daunting, especially given the sidewalk shortage in Nashville. Older children need the independence, and perhaps now is the time to let them have some. We made a video with some tips to remind you how to walk safely with a family; and what to tell your children before they go out for a walk on their own: Continue reading

Teach your kids to ride a bike

You think you’ve got it bad? Yesterday I lent a balance bicycle to a 2 ½ year old, and during the fitting (of the bike, not of the child) his dad casually mentioned that the Super Tuesday tornado had destroyed their home, so now he is working from home due to COVID-19 - while living with his family in an AirBnB rental.  However, this dad has decided this is all an opportunity to teach his son how to ride a bike! So if you are at home with your kids around, maybe now is an opportunity to teach them how to ride a bicycle. Here’s how: Continue reading

Our 2020 Advocacy Priorities

Well, 2020 has not gone as planned. Our beloved city was struck by a devastating tornado in March and now our city is dealing with a global pandemic and its economic aftermath. The advocacy work of Walk Bike Nashville continues although we've had to adapt and modify our plans. Here is a summary of the focus of our advocacy work for 2020 as of April but we know we'll have to continue to adjust our plans as our region recovers from these difficult times. We delivered more than 2,000 petition signatures in support of the Commerce Street and Third Avenue bike lanes to Mayor Cooper on Feb. 13, 2020. Continue reading

Nolensville Numbers Prove Positive: Follow-up Study

Prior to 2018, the intersection at Nolensville Pike and Welshwood Drive was one of the most deadly for pedestrians. The intersection had six pedestrian deaths from 2010 - 2017. TDOT and Metro Public works have made improvements to this intersection, beginning in 2018. The first intervention included a pedestrian-activated flashing beacons, refuge island, signage and temporary ADA ramp. In summer 2019 TDOT replaced the mid-block crossing with a permanent traffic signal and crossing at the Welshwood Drive intersection. Walk Bike Nashville has held two pedestrian counts to observe and track pedestrian behavior after both interventions. Results from the 2020 data count can be found here.  Continue reading

How to get your bike ready to ride

We're all working hard to maintain social distance during this time, and a great way to cope and relieve stress is riding your bike. Is your bike ready to go? Or has it been sitting in a garage since last season and it needs a little love before pedaling again? We can help! We've got some great resources and recommendations to make sure that you're safely biking again soon.    Continue reading

What to do with your kids

Looking at a future working from home, or unemployed, and looking after children while having nowhere to send them? Pretty grim, huh? Exercise is part of the solution! You are going to need a routine that includes getting out of the home, otherwise everyone might go crazy! Here are my kids in normal times, going to school: I am fortunate that we normally have the ability to get some exercise in the mornings while safely cycling to school. Things are different at the moment, so we we need to work slightly harder to create the opportunity to walk and cycle. Continue reading