Belmont Students Cross Taiwan by Bike

More than a year ago we shared the story of SueAnn Shiah, a recent Music Business graduate from Belmont University’s Curb College of Music Business, who was starting a kickstarter to raise funds to film a documentary about a bike ride across Taiwan. We were so happy to hear recently that the film is now complete and will premier this October 19 (get your tickets here!). Below is a reposting of SueAnn's original guest post on our blog. Continue reading

CycLOUvia- Louisville's Open Streets

Open Streets Nashville is a movement to activate people, strengthen businesses and inspire public spaces by temporarily closing the road to cars. Walk Bike Nashville currently has a permit pending for October to host our second Open Streets Nashville on Charlotte Ave! To learn more about the upcoming program come to our public meeting next week! Some of the staff had the chance to visit Louisville to check out their Open Streets program, CycLOUvia. The streets at CycLOUvia were the place to be on Sunday! Continue reading

Katie Goes Carless: Week 2

Lyfts and carpools and busses, oh my! This week was my most multimodal yet. Continue reading

Car Free Life: Week 1

The look on people's faces when you tell them you don't own a car is hilarious. It starts with sympathy followed by a mix of surprise and doubt when you tell them it's a life style choice. The cashier at Turnip Truck even offered, "If you ever need a ride, let me know." Thanks, Caleb, I'll swing by if I'm ever in a bind! Continue reading

Totaled, But Not a Total Loss

For at least the next month I plan to go car free. Before I get to my story I want to start by acknowledging my privilege in being able give up my car as an experiment and knowing if I find that I do need a car it's an option for me. Many Nashvillians don't have this option and maneuver this car-centric city by bus, foot and bike everyday. As a city we need to make sure that everyone could be car free, whether by necessity or choice.  Continue reading

#DontBlockMyWalk Legislation Passes

On Tuesday night Metro Council unanimously passed a bill to make it harder for construction sites to close sidewalks and bikelanes. A big thanks to Councilwoman Allen and Elrod for their work moving the bill forward over the last 6 months; and for Councilmembers Bedne, Johnson, O'Connell and Sledge. This bill, which we've taken to calling the #DontBlockMyWalk Bill is accompanied by a new set of Public Works Regulations, seen here, which together are intended to ensure the safe accommodation of people on foot and bike at construction sites. Continue reading

Family Cycling, Part 2 FAQs

Cycling with Children 2- Frequently Asked Questions Thank you to guest blogger, Robert Johnson, for sharing his expertise on cycling with family! You can see his first blog post, Cycling with Children, here!  Robert's son, George, was featured in one of our Tour de Nash teasers! Continue reading

Family Cycling, Part 1

Originally published April 7, 2015 Robert Johnson, a Walk Bike University Instructor and life-long bike rider answered some frequently asked questions about bicycling as a family. Robert can frequently be seen pedaling around the East side with one or both of his kids. Continue reading

Walk Bike Nashville on the Move!

Walk Bike Nashville staff have (mostly) finished unpacking in our new office space at 943 Woodland Street. Volunteers helped us paint and gather furniture donations, and the much enlarged office space will better accommodate conferences, workshops, meetings and supplies for our events and education programs. Continue reading

Elena Zamora Act Signed into Law

Governor Bill Haslam signed the “Elena Zamora Memorial Act” into law Thursday as Public Chapter 834. The bill memorializes Elena Zamora, a 17 year old Hume Fogg High School student, who was killed December 19, 2013 in downtown Nashville when she was hit by a truck driver while she was in a crosswalk. The truck driver received a $500 fine which was the maximum penalty under the current law. Continue reading