Bike to Work Day 2015

Celebrate Bike to Work Day in Nashville on Friday, May 15, 2015!  As part of Nashville Bike Month, Walk/Bike Nashville, MTA and the Music City Star invite bike commuters, curious and seasoned alike, to meet up at several locations around town and ride with each other on their way to work. Visit the Nashville MTA, Music City Star booth to complete a short survey, and your next bus ride is on us! We'll be serving breakfast at the Public Square at 7:45-8:30am to all bike commuters.  Special guest Mayor Karl Dean will address the bike riding public at the square.  Grab a bagel and a cup of coffee at the courthouse on your way to work!


  • If your commute is bringing you down, consider biking to work.  Ditching the car means less money spent on gas and auto maintenance and more time spent enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Bicycle commuting is also a great way to add activity to your day.  A little bit of exercise in the morning helps you keep your energy level high throughout the day.
  • In addition to saving you money and providing you exercise, bike commuting is good for the planet.  Cut your carbon emissions by switching to person power!
  • Perhaps most importantly, biking to work is fun!  Bicycles are immune to traffic jams.  Experience joy; ride your bike to work!

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The routes for the 2015 Bike to Work Day are shown below. Route stops are:


Bellevue--Sylvan Park --Centennial   Two Rivers -- Shelby Bottoms
Bellevue Kroger 6:25 AM   Two Rivers SkatePark 7:05 AM
White Bridge Greenway 7:00 AM   Shelby Bottoms Nature Center 7:30 AM
McCabe Golf Course 7:10 AM   Wedgewood Houston
Centennial Park 7:30 AM   Wedgwood Houston 7:30 AM
Charlotte-- Marathon Music Works   TN Brew Works 7:40 AM
Richland Park 7:15 AM   Belmont -- Music Row
One City 7:25 AM   Redkite Bicycle Studio 7:15 AM
Marathon Music Works 7:40 AM   Athlete's House 7:25 AM
Buena Vista -- Germantown   Green Fleet Bike Shop 7:35 AM
Buena Vista Park 7:20 AM   Elmington -- Vanderbilt  
Morgan Park 7:35 AM   Elmington Park 7:20 AM
Tom Joy -- Cleveland Park   Garland and 25th (Vandy) 7:30 AM
Tom Joy Park 7:30 AM      
Mas Tacos Por Favor 7:40 AM      
Yeast Nashville 7:50 AM      
Inglewood -- East Nashville      
Mitchell's Deli 7:20 AM      
Portland Brew 7:35 AM      
Eastside Cycles 7:45 AM      
Yeast Nashville 7:50 AM      


Too Far to Bike?

Luckily all MTA buses now have bike racks! So if your ride in is a bit too far, check out the bus routes that serve each of our meet up spots. You can catch a bus (with your bike) to one of our meetup spots and ride the rest of the way in with the group!

Bellevue—Sylvan Park---Centennial Two Rivers
#3, #5 #34, #6, Music City Star
Charlotte – Marathon Village Shelby Bottoms
#10, #50 #25 #4, #26, #56
Buena Vista-Germantown Wedgewood Houston
#9, #29, #42 #1, #8, #37, #25, #12
Tom Joy- Cleveland Park – Woodland Street Belmont – Music Row
#4, #20, #26, #56 #2, #21, #25
Inglewood – East Nashville Elmington - Vanderbilt
#4, #20, #26, #56 #3, #5, #25
  • May 15, 2015 at 7am – 8:30am
  • Nora Kern

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