Bike Month

Each May Walk/Bike Nashville hosts Nashville Bike Month. In addition to hosting exciting events including Bike to School Day, Bike to Work Day, and the Tour de Nash, Walk/Bike Nashville manages the official Bike Month calendar!  Visit this calendar to find rides and bicycle-friendly events organized by various groups in Nashville.

Click here to see the 2014 Nashville Bike Month Calendar.

If you are hosting any bike-related events in May, please add them to the calendar below!

  • ReCYCLE Bike Refurbish Volunteer Event

    • Friday, May 01, 2015 at 06:00 PM
    • TBD in Nashville, TN

    Help refurbish donated bikes for underserved Metro Nashville school-aged kids, while learning a thing or two about bike maintenance with this Hands On Nashville project! Registration is required. Find more details here.

  • Sevier Park Criterium Race

    • Saturday, May 02, 2015 at 10:00 AM
    • Sevier Park in Nashville, TN

    USA Cycling criterium race around Sevier Park During the Sevier Park Fest. 

    Find more info at:

  • Gear Workshop: Choosing the Right Bike for You

    Want to hit the road or trails for a ride this summer, but aren't sure what you need to get started? We've got some road and mountain bike rides coming up this summer, so to help get you prepared, we're hosting an Gear Workshop for anyone interested in attending! The experts at Cumberland Transit will discuss all the basics about choosing the right bike for you, show examples of different types of bikes and their uses, and discuss how you'll need to prepare for a successful ride on the trails or road. 

    Register and find details here.

  • Bike to Work Day

    • Friday, May 15, 2015 at 07:00 AM

    Celebrate Bike to Work Day in Nashville on Friday, May 15, 2015!  As part of Nashville Bike Month, Walk/Bike Nashville invites bike commuters, curious and seasoned alike, to meet up at several locations around town and ride with each other on their way to work. We'll be serving breakfast at the Public Square at 7:45-8:30am to all bike commuters.  Special guest Mayor Karl Dean will address the cycling public at the square.  Grab a bagel and a cup of coffee at the courthouse on your way to work!


    • If your commute is bringing you down, consider biking to work.  Ditching the car means less money spent on gas and auto maintenance and more time spent enjoying the great outdoors.
    • Bicycle commuting is also a great way to add activity to your day.  A little bit of exercise in the morning helps you keep your energy level high throughout the day.
    • In addition to saving you money and providing you exercise, bike commuting is good for the planet.  Cut your carbon emissions by switching to person power!
    • Perhaps most importantly, biking to work is fun!  Bicycles are immune to traffic jams.  Experience joy; ride your bike to work!

    What if I live too far away to bike?

    Luckily the Nashville MTA is going to offer a free ride to anyone riding a bicycle on May 15! So find a good bus route, ride to one of the bike route meet up spots and pedal the last way in with friends!


    Interested in leading one of the Bike to Work Day routes or in volunteering for the celebration?  Please contact us.


    The routes for the 2015 Bike to Work Day are shown below. Route stops are:

    Bellmeade Methodist 6:50 AM   Tom Joy Park 7:30 AM
    White Bridge Greenway 7:00 AM   Shelby Bottoms Nature Center 7:30 AM
    Two Rivers SkatePark 7:05 AM   Wedgwood Houston 7:30 AM
    McCabe Golf Course 7:10 AM   Garland and 25th (Vandy) 7:30 AM
    Richland Park 7:15 AM   Morgan Park 7:35 AM
    Redkite Bicycle Studio 7:15 AM   Portland Brew 7:35 AM
    Buena Vista Park 7:20 AM   Green Fleet Bike Shop 7:35 AM
    Mitchell's Deli 7:20 AM   Marathon Music Works 7:40 AM
    Elmington Park 7:20 AM   Mas Tacos Por Favor 7:40 AM
    One City 7:25 AM   TN Brew Works 7:40 AM
    Athlete's House 7:25 AM   Eastside Cycles 7:45 AM
    Centennial Park 7:30 AM   Yeast Nashville 7:50 AM
          Public Square 7:55 AM
  • Tour de Nash

    • Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 08:00 AM
    • Morgan Park in Nashville, TN

    The Tour de Nash is Nashville's largest urban bike ride and has been organized for the past 10 years by Walk/Bike Nashville to encourage people to explore Nashville's best bikeways and roads by bicycle.

    The 2015 Tour de Nash will be on May 16. The Tour will include 3 routes: the Family Ride (8.6 miles), the Gran Tour ( 31 miles), and the Metric Century (59 miles).The start/finish line will be moving this year to Morgan Park, in Germantown, for an exciting partnership with the Capitol District Street Fair.

    And remember, the Tour de Nash is not a race! It is a ride to experience Nashville by bicycle. Riders of all abilities and ages are invited to join us!

    Full event and registration information can be found HERE.  

  • Beginner Friendly Urban Bike Ride

    We'll ride about 5-7 miles at an easy pace along designated Bike Lanes and bike-friendly neighborhoods near Sevier Park. Expect some hills on the course. This is a beginner-friendly ride, but pricipants should have prior experience riding a bike at least once before. Bring your own bike, or rent a Nashville Bcycle for only $5.

    Find more info and register here.

  • City Cycling

    City Cycling is a free community course focusing on bicycling in traffic, hosted by Walk/Bike Nashville. The course is designed to give your the skills and confidence to ride in traffic and on a variety of types of road. Each course is taught by League Certified Bicycle Instructors and covers:

    • Bike maneuvering skills
    • Where to ride in the road
    • Scanning and signaling
    • Right and left turns
    • Crash avoidance
    If you love riding a bike but aren't comfortable yet riding on the streets or are looking for tips on how to safely navigate Nashville's streets this is the course for you!
    Registration is required for this event! Register today at:
    This is an intermediate course. Experience riding a bike is required for this course. Registrants should be able to ride a bicycle, ride in a straight line, turn left and right, and stop and start smoothly. If you are not sure if this course is right for you feel free to check with the Walk/Bike Nashville program coordinator Nora Kern ( 
    All participants in the course are responsible for brining their own (functioning) bicycle and helmet.
  • Bicycling 123 is a classroom based course to get you ready to help you brush up on your bicycle knowledge and skills. Topics will include:

    • Types of Bikes and selecting the best for you
    • Bike Fit and Adjustment
    • ABC Quick Check
    • Rules of the Road
    • Most common bike injuries and how to avoid them
    • Turning and changing lanes
    • Repairing a flat

    Registration is required for this class. Register today at:

    This course is hosted by Walk/Bike Nashville and will help prepare you for riding in the road and for Walk/Bike Nashville's City Cycling course. It's time to dust off that saddle and get back out there!


  • Adult Learn to Ride

    Adult Learn to Ride a Bike is a free, community course for who adults who are ready to learn to ride a bicycle. Whether you are 18 or 70, our certified instructors will help you get from zero to riding in no time. This course is organized by Walk/Bike Nashville.

    This course is beginners and will cover the following topics:

    • Getting onto the bike
    • Basic balance
    • Braking and stopping
    • Pedaling
    • Turning

    Registration is required for this event. Register today at:

    Bicycling is an amazing way to exercise and get around town. Don't be shy. Come learn how to ride in a safe and educational environment!